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What is a Luxe Portrait Experience? Vancouver Boudoir and Portrait Photoshoot

From jeans, to lingerie, to a gorgeous fashion-style photoshoot, this experience will be FULLY customized to suit your vision and your style, and maybe even your alter ego! We are a Vancouver area Boudoir Studio also offering Intimate Portraits, Beauty Portraits, Nude Fine Art and Branding Photography.

We refer to what we offer as a Luxe Portrait Experience as they are all about indulging in you for the day and and as they are customized for you we never wanted to limit what we offer to one genre of photography. What is a Luxe Portrait experience and what does it involve and include? We are glad you asked! Let’s give into the details of what a Mateus Studios Luxe Portrait experience is, what it includes and why you should book one!

a luxe beauty or branding image of a woman in a gold sequin top laughing with her eyes closed and her hand at her upper chest
a luxe image of a woman in a gold sequin top smirking at the camera with her hands up at her face

It’s Time To Exist In Time!

The main thing you need to know is that I’m here to serve YOU. I believe that every woman deserves to see herself as the incredible woman that she is. To see her beauty, her light and her importance in this world. You are all that and more! I also believe you deserve to exist in portraits as art in your homes. What’s the point of a photo shoot if the images only live on a hard drive or the cloud? Not for my clients!

So What Is A Luxe Portrait Experience?!

A Luxe portrait experience is a day that is all about you, putting you on a pedestal and celebrating you and your story. It is a day where you will enjoy being pampered and where you will walk away with having wall art of yourself to proudly hang in your homes!

Every Luxe Portrait Experience is catered to each woman to bring out her unique style and flair, and there’s even the possibility of exploring her alter ego if she wants to! Like precious gems, women are multi faceted and we want to show you in all your glory! 

Black and white boudoir portrait of woman in black lace langerie. Coquitlam boudoir photgrapher
a luxe portrait of a woman in a black outfit wearing a hat covering her eyes, she's kneeling down with one hand at her chin

At your custom Luxe Portrait Experience, you will have the opportunity to wear 3-4 outfits, which I will help you plan for beforehand during your Style & Concept Consultation. There are a few genre’s you can explore during your shoot, and best of all, you can focus on just one, or do a shoot that combines various looks and vibes. From jeans, to lingerie, to a gorgeous fashion-styled Vanity Fair shoot! That’s why we say we are for the sassy, classy and badassy babes – you can explore all those vibes and then some! 

a luxe beauty portrait of a woman sitting in a chair leaning a bit forward with her hands between her knees, she's wearing a cosy sweater and jeans
an intimate portrait of a woman sitting on the floor leaning against a boudoir wearing an off the shoulder top and jeans she's looking out the window, perhaps day dreaming

So if you’d like to do a couple of lingerie outfits, some beauty images with your fav gown, get a new headshot while you are at it and then create some sultry images on the shower set, let’s do it!

Luxe Portrait Experiences are great for:

Boudoir Portraits– you might like the lacey lingerie or being soft and demure, while others like being completely au natural for a Fine Art Nude Portrait. Plus there’s so many options in between. I’ve had clients in overalls, in their fav tee and jeans, and even some basic high waisted panties. Whatever you feel beautiful and most comfortable in, is exactly what you should wear for your Vancouver Boudoir Photo Experience.

luxe boudoir portrait of a woman laying on her back, knees bent, hand above her head and 2nd hand on her tummy, wearing a bra and panties
a luxe intimate portrait of a woman in a black dress sitting on a stool with one leg hanging and one leg up with her heel on the edge of the stool, she's leaning back with one arm holding herself and the other reaching up with her hand at her head

I wanted to show you this image above, clearly an Intimate Boudoir Image. But also this photo to the left of the same client as it is a cross over, meaning that it can be an Intimate Portrait for her to enjoy in her home, though it could also be used as a Branding Image for her Business.

Boudoir isn’t always lingerie. It can be editorial magazine style photos that cross over from one style to another.

Same for the image below. Ms. K is super sexy rocking her power suit and showing some skin, yet couldn’t you see this photo in Vogue?! You bet!!

an intimate luxe portrait of a woman in a power suit showing cleavage, sitting on the floor with one leg stretched out and the other crossed up and over the other showing her strappy boots and one hand holding her up and the other dangling over her raised knee

Beauty Portraits – Think gorgeous and glamorous gowns or a perfectly structured power suit. It’s a classic editorial style session where we co-create stunning and bold legacy images, and, an experience you’ll never forget! We love how Ms. R below even brought in a beautiful traditional sari for her shoot, we welcome all kinds of decadence and culture here at Mateus Studios!

a luxe beauty portrait of a woman wearing a tulle black dress and her hands across her chest
a luxe beauty portrait or a woman wearing a deep V dress, one arm across her wait and the other up by her face twirling her hair in her hand
a luxe beauty portrait of a woman in a bright floral dress doing some movement with her hand moving the skirt
a luxe intimate beauty portrait of a woman sitting on a stool wearing a sari draped down to the floor, her leg crossed over the other and her arms draped criss-crossed across her body

Branding Portraits– Need a new headshot or some photos you can use for your business, bring your fab Boss suit or work outfit and we will capture you in your professional attire

luxe personal branding portrait of a woman sitting crossed legged against a bare white wall, she's smiling wearing a blazer and jeans

Maternity Portraits – You and your sweet baby bump can be honoured in a sensual and classy way. We’ll create the most memorable images of this special time in your life. Imagine your future baby growing up and seeing these gorgeous portraits of mama. Just think of how inspiring and magical that will be.

luxe maternity portrait in black and white of a woman's pregnant belly and one hand resting on her tummy

Boudoir Shower Set – This is newly added to my studio, so if it’s on your bucket list, it is an option as well.

a luxe close up image of a woman's stomach, she's laying down and there's water drops on her body

What Your Luxe Portrait Experience includes:

• Pre-shoot Style & Vision consultation

• Professional Hair and Makeup

• Fine art sets and client wardrobe

• Posing coaching and styling

• Photo retouching that makes you glow

• White glove, down-to earth service

• Scheduled photo reveal & ordering

BONUS: A MASSIVE confidence boost!

a luxe intimate boudoir portrait of a woman in a black lacey bra with a blazer draped over her shoulders, she's standing with her hands on her hips in a power pose
a luxe intimate portrait of a woman sitting on a stool with feet up on the rungs, she's wearing a cleavage baring power suit and her hands together in front of her

Photo Reveal

A couple of weeks after your Session, during your Photo Reveal, you’ll choose prints that will become your artwork: whether you decide to order wall murals, editorial albums and print collections…or all of the above! You can spend whatever you wish on yourself: Most women invest approximately $3500+ in their Art Work.

a large luxe portrait of a woman in lingerie sitting atop a mantle

Why You Need One

We have witnessed many transformations in our studio, where women share their stories including how they got to where they are today. Their resilience and determination inspire us, they make us laugh, and often, we cry together. Best of all, we celebrate being women despite the challenges thrown at us. 

We are told our photoshoots are transformational, and that we have been able to reignite that fire in their hearts that has been dim for too long.

“That moment when you see how amazing and fierce you look in your photos is indescribable.  There is nothing like the feeling of realizing that you are more beautiful, powerful and magical than your mind could ever believe.  Doing this has renewed a new sense of respect and compassion for myself.  When the negative talk starts to creep into my mind, I will look at the photos from the session to remind myself that I am amazing.” ~ Ms. M

As a woman who has gone through a lot in my life and having seen my mother go through even more, I have made it my life’s work to show women that they are f’ing fabulous, and I would love for you to be one of them!

a woman in a luxe photo wearing a v neck dress, her hair down, her head tilted back with eyes closed, one hand on her hip and the other reaching up at the back of her head

Next Steps

First up, let’s chat! I always get to know my clients before my camera even comes out of the bag and I offer Complimentary Consultations to help you to decide what exactly would be right for you. We can discuss what you’re thinking about and how to customize the perfect Luxe Portrait Experience just for you! Bring your sassy, classy and badassy self to our studio to truly celebrate who you are!

Click below to connect with me and I can answer any of your questions. 

In the meantime, peruse around all of the pages of my website to get more of an idea of my style, my mission and just how happy my clients are.

Photos shared with permission.

Michele Mateus is a Boudoir, Intimate Portrait & Nude Fine Art Photographer located in Coquitlam, BC. Serving Coquitlam, Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley, BC. Studio, Outdoor and On-location Boudoir Photography.

Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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Michele Mateus is an award winning Vancouver Boudoir and Women’s Portrait Photographer. Serving Coquitlam, Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Langley, Abbotsford, Squamish, Burnaby, Surrey, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster and the Great Vancouver area.

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