Hi, I’m Michele Mateus,

Vancouver Portrait Photographer

I am a Brasilian Canadian, Award Winning Portrait Photographer and artist based in Vancouver, Canada.

My focus is on creating evocative storytelling images that are not just seen, but felt. I specialise in portrait photography, working from both my Coquitlam studio and on location throughout the Greater Vancouver, British Columbia area.

I hold a BA in Sociology and Feminist Theory from the University of Victoria, and a diploma in graphic design from Emily Carr University, and am a Communications Masters drop out from Royal Roads University; all of which have strongly informed my artistry.

My photography is rooted in my values around intersectional feminism; centering stories of those who identify as women and non-binary femmes.

Through my photography I aim to explore femininity beyond what is expected and the depths of human emotion. I believe in artistry over conformity, wanting to use my work provoke conversations around what is deemed as beautiful, both in humans and in the world around us.

It’s my intention that through my work I am able to cultivate a culture of acceptance, celebration and inclusion, working towards body liberation for all.

I have a rebel heart, fueled by curiosity and compassion.

Fun Facts!

  • I have zero tolerance for hate of any kind
  • I love *F* words
  • My temperament is enthusiastic, encouraging & playful
  • I’m a neuro-spicy empath living with Multiple Sclerosis
  • I’m plant based and LOVE to cook!
  • My family has chosen to unschool our kiddo, wish us luck!
  • Music is my everything, I love anything with a groovy soulful beat

She’s A facilitator of
radical self ACCEPTANCE”

~Celeste Snowber