Jessica is One of Our Fabulous 40 Over 40! Vancouver Boudoir and Portrait Photoshoot

Are you ageing and loving it?! Yes? Awesome!!

Would you like to share your joy through an incredible documented experience and walk away with beautiful legacy photos? If yes, then you need to sign up for our Fabulous 40 Over 40 – an empowering Intimate Photo Session celebrating YOU!!

I’m welcoming 40 Women Over 40 into my Coquitlam studio as part of an exclusive Fabulous Beyond 40 Experience and you’re invited! Jessica is one such woman who is enjoying living her life at every age and she participated with her very own Custom Luxe Photo Session. You can do Boudoir, Intimate Portraits or Beauty, or a customized combo of it all. All of the participating women will be featured at an upcoming gallery-style exhibit so that together we can celebrate each of them, and all of us too!

If you’d like to learn more click here and read the stories of the women who’ve already visited Mateus Studios! You could be next! Now let’s meet Jessica who opted for photos both indoors and out, and she also included some of her meditation pieces of which she’s passionate about.

Jessica is Fabulous Beyond 40! 

Age: 44

a fabulous woman over 40 laying on her back wearing a bustier, her right arm tattooed and right hand touching her chin and her left arm across her body

What Made You Want to Celebrate Being Fabulous By Doing The 40 Over 40 Luxe Photo Session?

Because age was always feared by the women in my family. I feel like I just keep getting better.

What Did You Enjoy Most About This Vancouver Boudoir Experience? How Did It Make You Feel About Yourself?

I was so scared for so long to do this. I’ve always been body conscious and celebrating me and the self love and self care that I experienced around this was awesome! I felt like a queen.

a fabulous woman over 40 with her feet in the ocean, she's kneeling down with her hands and bottom of her dress in the water

What Have You Learned to Appreciate More as You Have Aged?

My confidence which doesn’t come from my dress size or the number on the scale but how I feel about my body and beauty.

How Has Your Relationship With Yourself and Your Body Changed Over Time?

I love my body today. I brought 3 amazing kids into this world with it. I’m healthy and it’s keeping up pretty good.

If You Could Go Back in Time and Meet Your 18 Year Old Self, What Would You Say to Her?

Be kind to yourself. Your beauty comes from within.

a fabulous woman over 40 wearing a sweater, holding a gem and wearing peace bracelets, sitting cross legged on a fur rug in front of a quartz mediation piece

What is Your Motto or Favourite Quote?

If you can be anything, be kind. You never know what someone else is going through.

What Advice Can You Offer Other Women Of All Ages, Around Ageing and Fully Embracing Who We Are In The Moment?

Find your power and strength in being a woman. We create and bare life. We are forces to be reckoned with and we should honour and love ourselves and our incredible bodies everyday no matter what shape or size. We are exceptional beings. ❤️

a fabulous woman over 40 sitting wearing a loose knit sweater, head tilted down with eyes closed and her hands clasped at her chest in a grateful pose

Any last words…?

Taking this journey with Michele is something I will never forget. I really stepped into my authentic self and showed her the real me. I bared my soul.

I’m so glad you got past your fear and took this risk Jessica! You were amazing and your photos are proof of your courage, vulnerability and beauty, both inner and outer. Thank you for trusting me.

Would YOU like to be one of our 40 women over 40? Discover what it’s all about here and then reach out for your complimentary consultation.

Photos shared with permission.

Michele Mateus is a Boudoir, Intimate Portrait & Nude Fine Art Photographer located in Coquitlam, BC. Serving Coquitlam, Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley, BC. Studio, Outdoor and On-location Boudoir Photography.

Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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Michele Mateus is an award winning Vancouver Boudoir and Women’s Portrait Photographer. Serving Coquitlam, Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Langley, Abbotsford, Squamish, Burnaby, Surrey, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster and the Great Vancouver area.

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