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My hope to those who are reading this today is that you love (love love love) your boudoir portraits after doing a shoot, as much as I love to create them! I truly believe that boudoir can be turned into more than just a sensual peek at your true self kept between you and your partner. In fact, why not REALLY go bold with your boudoir portraits? Why not turn them into an art gallery?!

This post is for the fabulous, empowered, confident women out there I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and will definitely meet in the future, and for those who aren’t really sure yet and need a cheerleader. Yes, you absolutely can display my art in your bedroom, even in other places of the house. Here’s how you can turn your boudoir into an art gallery of your very own.

Start with my number one tip

And that tip is this:

Feel confident that you should take up more space, and be reminded DAILY of how amazing you are.

There is SO much power behind seeing a beautiful portrait of yourself in your home. It can become a great part of your home where you can reflect on who you are, where you can sit and create or do your affirmations, where you can remember how amazing you are as a role model to your children, and where others in your family can see your confidence.

What kind of wall art format should I use?

I would suggest metal prints, or Almalfi prints which are EXQUISITE! Almalfi prints are linen with hand torn (handmade) paper from Italy, and you can match this to your own home decor. I suggest metal because I’m a big fan of them. They’re sleek, they’re timeless, and they’re even sexy too in that the images just pop on them! Of course, it all depends on your aesthetic. 

How big should I make the photos?

BIG! Lol seriously, boudoir photography is often like getting a tattoo. You’ll wish you would have gone bigger after getting it done. 😉

I can create art for your home, and encourage you to think of spaces in it where you may want to display your boudoir portraits. I will be asking you to send me images of your spaces you want to turn into your own art gallery, as I can then pop your images into this amazing software I have to show you how your images would look in your actual space! I have to show the image to scale on your own walls. This is definitely a high end, very custom experience for frients (a word we invented that describes clients who became our friends!)! “Go big or go home” is 100% a saying I advise you to keep in mind when considering this part. I want you to feel like your own Mona Lisa, but better!

Last question, where should my boudoir photos go?

I will say that my art is often very creative, so the answer to this question really depends on what YOU are hoping for, and how I create it for you. I like to think of boudoir photo wall art as though I’m an interior designer, creating art for your space. Sometimes the final photos we choose for you will be vertical, sometimes they will be horizontal. Therefore, you may want to have your boudoir portraits created for a certain space in your home. 

Were you surprised by how much you loved (and I mean loved) your final images? If so, why not apply that element of surprise to your home by getting your favourites printed big, and then finding a space just for them? That way you’ll always have that element to enjoy over and over! 

Most clients have placed the wall art I’ve created for them in the bedroom and put it in the bedroom where they feel it’s the space for intimate portraits, which is totally fine. However, most of the photography I’ve taken over the years can be displayed in other places, such as the bathroom.

Bringing up the affirmation part again, this is a great room where you can see yourself while brushing your teeth or stepping out of the bathtub, and be reminded that YES, you ARE confident, YES, you ARE beautiful, and YES, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WORTHY OF THE SPACE. 

One other place in the bedroom I’d suggest to display your boudoir portraits is your walk-in closet. If you insist on placing your boudoir in the bedroom, and you have the space that’s large enough for this kind of aspect, placing it here can create the reaffirmation you may need in what most people consider to be a sacred space.

The last place where I’ve seen clients put their boudoir portraits is in their home office, which I think is AHH-MAYYY-ZIIING!

So overall, the best thing you can do in regards to this question is to start from the beginning thinking, “How do I want to ENJOY these photos? How do I want to be remembered?” Really bring your attention to that first word I brought up. 





All these words sound different, but they all mean the same thing: it’s taking your photos and giving yourself the true ability to affirm and confirm that you are always 100% worthy of love.

Photos shared with permission.

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