PLUS-Size Boudoir in Vancouver – this is where body liberation lives!

At my Vancouver Boudoir and Portrait studio I welcome all bodies regardless of your body shape or size.
AND NO you do not need to lose weight to have a boudoir photoshoot!

To be honest I have NO idea what ‘Plus Size Boudoir’ or ‘Curvy Boudoir’ really
even means, because I see you for who you are, not the size that you are.

Let me tell you a story, I once had a woman visit my website and say:

“when I saw her on your website, I saw myself, and I never thought I would see that and I never thought
I could do this, but now I am ready because I can see you truly see people for who they are!”

Well I am happy to see both those women are in my gallery below and this is what it’s all about, I know right #tearonface.

It’s my goal that you feel free to be in your own skin during your photoshoot, without shame or judgement.
This is a body shaming free zone, and listen I know you may not LOVE every inch of yourself, and that is ok!
What I hope for you is that after your photoshoot you will have a renewed perspective
and deeper appreciation for your body.

My studio is a space where you can let go of toxic beauty standards and embrace yourself fully.
Trust me, I know that can be hard to do so I will be here to cheer you on every step of the way!

Get ready to have your beauty and strength reflected back at you, like you’ve never seen before!

Plus size boudoir photo of a woman holding eucalyptus

Vancouver Plus Size BOudoir

What the heck does ‘plus size’ even mean?

‘Plus Size Boudoir’, ‘Curvy Boudoir’, ‘Mid-Sized Boudoir’

Anyone else get exhausted trying to figure out what is meant by all these terms? I know we sure did here at our Vancouver Boudoir & Portrait Studios. As as we do,we wrote a blog post on what we THINK it means and more importantly what it means to us!