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My Favourite Business Tools

Friends I am a tool afficiando! I have tried SO MANY of them over the years in business and after a lot of trial and error have found the most use out of these here. I love developing systems in business and I would be lost without these tools to help me manage mine. May these tools help you the way they have helped me!


Dubsado is a CRM and I use it to manage all my client contracts, emails, workflows, and use it to schedule my shoots and appointments.

Here’s a link that gives us both a Dubsado treat should you decide to try it out.


I have tried so many email marketing tools and Flodesk by far was my favorite! It’s easy to use, looks sleek and I love how much I can customize workflows. Here’s a link to get 50% off your first year!

Plann That

This woman owned (bonus!) social media planner is the bee’s knees! It is so easy to use, and has all kinds of integrations like connecting direct to your Google Drive, Dropbox and Canva! As a trained designer and tech lover, ease of use and aesthetics are key for me and Plann That has all of that and then some! Here’s a special link to try it out.


As a trained designer who learned on Adobe products I can say hand on heart Canva is worth it and make life so dang easy! I have a team (who are not trained designers!) that work with me I find the ease of use and the ability to work on things together through Canva makes content creation a breeze for any level. They don’t have a share link, but here’s their site: CANVA


People, this is the easiest and fastest way to make a reel and make it look slick! I pay for the annual fee which is not ave $40 so it’s super worth it. Here’s a link for you!


Trello made me a much better team leader, period. They don’t have any bonus offers but I use the free version and it’s been great for my team so far! Check out Trello


I use Loom at least once a week it feels like. It’s a great tool if you have a team and need to show someone something, offer training to your team or other folks and it’s so easy to use! I have the paid version so that we don’t have to delete all our training videos. No special link, but check them out here: Loom


Sadly no tool is perfect, and so you often need Zapier to get them to talk to one another to streamline things even more! They don’t have any special share with a friend offer, but trust me I need zaps in my life! Visit them here: Zapier

Quickbooks Online

So while I love Dubsado I don’t love it for bookkeeping, and my book keeper also hated it because it caused them more work and in turn me more money sooooo that is why I use Quickbooks Online. They do have a special code I can offer you for 50% off for 6 months but I have to set that up from within their system – so if you want 50% off Quickbooks shoot me an email and I will send that code your way!

Adobe Creative Suite

This is an obvious one, I know but I had to add it here. I have the monthly photography plan, I used to get the design plan but now that I use Canva I don’t need all that the design plan offers – though truth is Indesign is better than Canva, Canva has the ease of use for a team.One cool thing for photographers is Adobe Stock where you can buy credits to buy stock images and I have used this for rooms to show wall art, totally worth with.


Voxer is a walkie-talkie ap that I would be lost without! You can set it so you don’t have to hold down any buttons so yay for that! It allows you to send quick voice notes back and forth and it’s such a handy tool to not only use with my Coaching clients but also friends.

All this tech stuff
can be overwhelming af!

But you don’t need to learn them alone.

Friends, have been in business over 8 years, and it’s taken me time to figure out what works best for me. The truth is that not all these tools you will need and or not all of them you will like!

I will say that have got my processes and systems down so that I can keep deeper connected to my purpose and enjoy more pleasure in life!

If you need a hand with trying to figure these out and what might be best for you and your business, I’d love to help you!

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