To tan or not pre boudoir

To Tan or Not to Tan?: Vancouver Boudoir Studio

Should you tan or not tan before your boudoir session?

We get asked a lot of questions regarding prepping for your Boudoir Shoot, and one we want to explain specifically is whether to tan or not to tan. For us, the answer is simple and it may actually surprise you.

Should I tan?

The answer is absolutely NOT!

The reason is because we have really nice lighting in the studio, and a fake tan can tend to make your skin look very orange, and no one wants that! Even the best of the best spray tans or tanning lotions can cause some wacky skin tones on camera. Unless you want to run the risk of looking like a cast member of Willy Wonka, or a prominent American who will remain nameless but you know who we’re referring too lol, we say skip the fake tans.

Should you tan before your boudoir session?

Tanning beds too?

This goes for tanning beds too! I know it’s post summer and you want to maintain that lovely glow but please don’t. Whatever colour your skin is naturally right before your session is perfect.

Should you tan before your boudoir session?

We have also had issues in the past where women who get spray tans too close to their session and then end up staining our furniture. Some of our lingerie in the Client Wardrobe that we spend a lot of time and money on has also been discoloured – and of course those stains don’t come out! So, if you’re thinking of booking your session soon, please don’t tan before hand.

What if I’m super pasty white?

If you are truly terrified about looking like Casper in your images, we promise to give you a nice natural glow. We would rather add a little ‘warmth’ to your images with our tried and true methods than potentially have to reschedule your session because your skin tone was off. We get it – you want to look like a bronzed beauty for your shoot, but in reality, your pasty skin will look much more natural and beautiful without the fake tan! You can definitely trust us on this one.

Should you tan before your boudoir session?

We have an FAQ section on the website so feel free to check it out if you have other pre-session prep questions, or simply reach out to me. I’d be happy to chat!

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Michele Mateus is a Vancouver Boudoir & Portrait Photographer located in Coquitlam, BC. Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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