In this value-packed Masterclass I am going to teach you how I turned my cluttered 300 square foot playroom into a 6 figure portrait studio, that has also become my favourite space in my entire house!

If I can do it, so can you!

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In this Masterclass you can expect to learn:



How to overcome your mindset blocks

Gear, posing props, client wardrobe and more!

Mindset is everything when it comes to our success. I will share the blocks I had and the tools I used to overcome them. Remember it's not the space that matters, it's what we do in the space and how that will define our success.

I will share what gear I use, posing props I have, my client wardrobe and how I keep everything organised - ok mostly organised! I will also show you some fun space hacks!

Creating Dynamic Images


Implementing space boundaries


While this is not a posing course (stay tuned for that to come!) I will go over how I create a dynamic range of images that my clients fall in love with!

I can't stress how important this is especially if your studio is in your home! I will share what my boundaries are to help you plan out yours.

Well Hello There!

Hi I'm Michele

Evocative Art Maker, F WORD LOVER, Goofy Hype Girl

There are a zillion ways to define success and for me that looks like...

Being a present mother, taking care
of my health, having meaningful connections and more rest.

~michele xo