Headshot Prep Guide

Welcome to your Best Headshots, EVER!

Headshots aren’t what they used to be.

and thank goodness for that!

The ‘corporate headshot’ has evolved. Today a headshot is very contemporary,
and often a highly styled portrait that aims to immediately set you apart from your competitors
by having your authenticity shine through.

I prefer to call headshots ‘Personality Portraits’ because as a photographer that is what I am trying
to show – your unique personality. I invite you to take centre stage in my studio and shine your light for all to see.

This guide will walk you through key things to consider when preparing for your headshot photoshoot with me.
From what to wear, expressions to consider, styles of headshots and so much more.
Please take your time going through everything so you can feel ready to rock your session!

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to reach out as I am here to help!

Let’s dive into

Styles of Headshots

The styles of headshots below show a variety of ways we can approach
your headshots, that will celebrate you fully. My clients have all appreciated having a range of portraits to showcase who they,
for their various marketing needs.

Vancouver Headshots for Financial advisors


This classic style of headshot is often the one most frequently used for many professionals.

This type of headshot aims to depict a clean uncluttered portrait of you
with a focus on connecting with the viewer.

This type of headshot is typically done from the bust/waist line up, with a focus on
connecting with your audience.

You can use this type of headshot for your: LinkedIN profile photo, your email signature,
your business cards and anywhere you want to make a strong first impression.


This type of headshot is all about showcasing the full range of your personality!

In a world where we are moving a mile a minute, the personality headshot is one that will guarantee to stop someone in their tracks!

With my direction I will guide you to explore different expressions ranging from:

– serious
– silly
– thoughtful
– playful
– introspective
– joyful laughter
– totally badass!

While you may have never considered any of the above expressions for your headshots, you will be surprised how much you will love them!

Headshot of a man with beard laughing, Professional headshots Vancouver


The Hero Shot is all about showcasing your confidence, whatever that looks
like for you. A Hero Portrait can be either serious or playful, or both!
These portraits are often more full body than a classic headshot that is typically
shoot from the bust line up. These portraits make great images to go along with
any publications you are featured in as well as used for the rest of your marketing needs.

Key ingredients

Expression & Personality

Allow yourself to


Listen, I know headshots are meant to be professional,
and I also know that the idea of ‘professional’ has changed
over the years, which is so liberating!

For some being professional means suiting up, and for
others it means being in their athletic wear,
fun summer dress, or in a moody portrait.

You get to define what professional means for you at my studio,
a place where I promise never to fit you into a box.

It’s important to think about how do you want to portray
you and your business in photos and all your marketing,
and it’s also important to connect with folks on a human level.

I encourage you to think of the vibe, the mood, the energy
that you want to convey, and allow yourself to lean into
that energy, letting go of shoulds and embracing possibility.



Going beyond your
‘about me’ page

Marketing these days is more than just a website, a business card or a LinkedIn profile. Which is why it’s important to consider the full range of places your photos may be used, which is why I created this list to help you out!


  • Car wraps
  • Billboards
  • Book cover
  • Book dust jacket
  • Presentation bio
  • Podcast Bio
  • Google business profile
  • Social Media Profiles
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Website pages
  • Presentations
  • Event banners
  • Pinterest posts
  • Online or magazine article

The places you may end up are
endless, which is why it’s IMPORTANT
to have a range of photos that showcase your brilliance!

Behind the scenes



Plan for variety!

Plan for 3-5 outfits

Pick out different outfits so that you can have a variety of looks to choose from. I always recommend picking something in a neutral color and then picking one solid brighter color or bolder color option or something that shows off your personality!

Don’t forget that layering is your friend! Layering offers you more variety, with ease. I love me a good cardigan, jacket or blazer to finish off a look.

Now listen up… many people
say to avoid patterns
but here’s how I see it…

These photos should reflect you and your personality and if that means wearing hot pink leopard print, with floral pants, then come ready to rock that look! If patterns are your thing then I am here to help you embrace them!

I am not here to fit you into some stuffy box, quite the opposite in fact! Together we can break the rules so that you stay true to yourself.



These are an easy and fun way
to variety and PERSONALITY
into your photos

Necklaces, earrings, rings, shoes, tights, socks and belts, cufflinks, ties, hats, glasses, scarves and so much more
can make simple and impactful ways to change your look.

Accessories are especially great if f you are like me and tend
to wear a lot of black, as they can in a pop of colour or that personal flair!

You are also welcome to bring props that work with your brand
to accessorize with. Maybe your favourite book, magazine
or something you often use in your business – perhaps you
have a magic wand?!

Professional headshot portrait of elder woman. Professional headshot coquitlam
Vancouver Plus Size Headshot Photographer


Give your
a test run

do this!

During your photoshoot will we be exploring different poses and expressions so it is important that you feel comfortable in your clothing while on your feet or sat down!

Remember, the goal is to be professional, comfortable, stylish, and still be yourself, so wear what best for your personality and the energy you want to emit for your business, and try not to overthink it.

And don’t forget, what ever you choose to bring to make sure they are clean and wrinkle-free.

Still need more outfit inspiration, I got you! Visit my headshot gallery to see more ideas from previous clients.

Behind the scenes

Hair & Makeup

Vancouver Headshot Photographer for Creative Entrepreneurs


If doing your own make remember that makeup reads differently on camera than it does in real life so it is important to consider the tips below.

PS: If you have opted to do your own hair and makeup guess what, many of the clients you see here on this page did their own hair and makeup! You got this!

  • Avoid any cosmetics with a frost finish (eye Shadow, blush, lipstick, high LIGHTERS etc..)
  • avoid LOTION and foundation with SPF
  • Bring two of your favourite Lip colours if you wear lipstick, or opt for chapstick to keep your lips looking fresh
  • Consider a blotting powder or papers if you tend to have oily skin
  • Bring your makeup bag with you just in case you need a last minute touch up
Vancouver Headshots for Wellness Professionals and Coaches

Hair Tips

Think about how your hair can add to your overall look. The below are all tips to inspire you, but as always: you do you bo!

  • bring something you can put your hair up in a messy bun or ponytail with for a more casual/fun look
  • wrap your hair in a headband or head scarf
  • If you wear a wig, feel free to bring 1-2 for different looks
  • the hair that grows out of your head is amazing as it is, so please don’t feel you NEeD TO change your hair to look ‘professional’ – Curly, straight, Afro, messy hair don’t care, NO hair – all is welcome here!
  • WARNING: Do not get a new HAIRCUT right before your photoshoot in case you don’t like it
  • If you have Facial hair don’t forget to shave away any stubble from your face and neck and unless of course that is your vibe
  • If you wax (facial or other hair) do so a few days before your photoshoot to avoid the redness that comes after waxing

Don’t forget

Details Matter


It can be easy to forget the little details, so here are a few to remember!

  • Drink loads of water to keep your skin looking fresh!
  • Don’t pick any blemishes, I will retouch those
  • Moisture well, including your neck, arms and elbows as those may appear in the shot
  • Make sure your nails are clean, and nailpolish is of course welcomed but not a requirement
  • Brush and floss your teeth
  • Get a good night’s rest before your photoshoot!
Headshot of short silver hair woman standing with hand on hip. Coquitlam headshot studio


Additional Individual images are $250/each or choose a
collection below to save.

Each collection comes with hand retouched high resolution
images delivered right to your inbox.

  • 30 IMAGES $2700
  • 20 images $2100
  • 10 Images $1500
  • 5 images $950
  • 3 Images $700

*Please note that these prices are for photoshoots done at my studio in Coquitlam.

**Due to the custom nature of your purchase your chosen images will be a final sale.

More questions Answered

You will have 45 mins in front of the camera allow for time to change outfits, and then we will choose your photos right after your photoshoot. This selection time typically takes 15-30 minutes.

YES! You will be shown your photos right after your photoshoot, keep in mind these will be straight out of camera and not edited. You will have the option to purchase additional photos then. I do not send out digital proofing galleries afterwards and any photos not purchased will be deleted.

YES! I will retouch things that are meant to be there, like acne, bug bites and clean up dark circles under your eyes. I do not alter people’s body shape/size as this is against my personal photography ethics. If you have special editing requests please let me know.

I aim to have your final photos to you within 2 weeks of your photoshoot if not sooner.

YES! Adding hair and makeup is $250 which I will invoice for should you want to add this service. Please note my hair and makeup team have busy schedules and requesting this service last minute may not ensure I am able to secure them for you.

Once your photos have been hand retouched I will send them to you through a secure gallery system online direct to your email. That gallery will be there for 30 days, and I ask that you download and backup your photos for safe keeping

The photos that you don’t purchase will be deleted from my system to fee up my hard drive space which is why if you want more of your portraits you will have the opportunity to buy them right after your photoshoot.

Great question! On social media you can tag me @mateusstudios, on LinkedIn you can tag me @michelemateus on your website I always appreciate a backlink to my site with the credit: Photography by Michele Mateus, this also the same credit to use for print publications.

And remember the most important tip of them all…


When we are not having fun, then what’s the point! Or at least that
is my motto.

Trust me, I know that having your photo taken is nerve wracking, which is why it’s my goal to make this experience fun and effortless.

And remember, you can email me
anytime with questions that come up,
I am here for you!

~michele xo