What to Wear to Your Vancouver Boudoir Photoshoot (Lingerie is Optional!)

I get asked a lot about what to wear to an intimate portrait photoshoot that I created an entire guide about it.

Today, I’d like to do something a little more bold than focus on the actual clothing used for an intimate portrait. I want to talk more about things you can bring to the studio you may not even realize you can wear. Because lingerie is 100% optional!

So, here is what I suggest on what to wear to your intimate portrait shoot.

Something that brings you complete and total joy

This is actually my number one rule: don’t ever bring things from a wardrobe that you don’t love to your shoot.

I can’t tell you how many people who came to me saying “Well, I don’t really love myself in this, but maybe you can do something with it!” 

Let’s be real for a second: if you don’t love it when you’re wearing it at home, how can it possibly be something you’ll love wearing at my studio?

What I would love for you to wear instead is something from your wardrobe that makes you feel loved and inspired to enjoy your life! It can be your favourite tank top with nothing under the waistline, or it can be your favourite pair of jeans or even a skirt paired with a gorgeous sparkly bra. 

These are only a few examples that can elevate you during your intimate portrait experience!


You’re reading this right! Fine art nudes are absolutely an option at my studio. As your artist and your guide I am here to hold space for you to be in your body, and if that means being nude then we will do that. While being nude can seem nerve-wracking, I have witnessed that many clients feel so liberated to allow themselves to feel so free to have their natural form captured. 

Many of the clients I have had the pleasure of creating intimate portraits for have been on a journey of self-discovery, self-love, and self-reflection, all at once. And they’ve found that being nude and wearing nothing at their intimate portrait experience was the key to finding that energy they were looking for all the while.

Fine art nudes are an intimate, sensual means of rediscovering yourself, your personality, your body type, and realizing it’s perfect exactly as it is, even if it’s not the body type society says you should have.

It bears repeating so much because I really am passionate about this: boudoir is not for any one body size or shape, it’s for EVERY body and everybody

Something that tells your story

It is my goal for all my clients to have their beautiful artwork that will become part of their legacies. Therefore, I encourage people if they have something special with meaning to them that they want to wear to please bring that. This could be a shawl, a piece of jewelry, or even a tablecloth–yes, that has been used before (it was sheer and lovely!)

If there is a certain clothing item or accessory that you feel will add to telling your story, please let me know about it during our Wardrobe consultation together so we can plan for that. 

Wearing something personal that maybe only you know the story about may bring even more meaning to your photos. Maybe it’s the outfit you wore on the day you got your dream job, or the day you quit your terrible job and decided to start your own business! Maybe it’s the dress you were wearing on your favourite beach in Mexico, or maybe it’s something out of your NSFW tickle trunk! 

Whatever you feel amazing in, we can make work!

One final pro tip for now:

I want to drive home this point because it really affects the majority of these tips: 

Please, please don’t stress out over your wardrobe

This article is not meant to make you feel that you have to go out and buy new things, at all. Seriously, the wardrobe is not as important as you think it is. 

There is so much I can do for you with something as simple as a scarf or a sheet, even a sweater. 

I’m serious. Please don’t get stressed out.

I LOVE to talk fashion, so book a discovery call and we can go over your vision vibe! We will talk in detail about your wardrobe choices at your Wardrobe and Style consultation so not to worry about what to wear, I am here to help find your spark! 

Photos shared with permission.

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