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Just Wear the Damn Bikini: Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

All Bodies Are Good Bodies and Damn Fine Bikini Bodies

Did you happen to see that today is National Bikini Day?!? I don’t know where they come up with these special days, nor who ‘they’ are actually, lol, but I want to embrace this particular day and here’s why…

Who here immediately read the word bikini and kinda shuddered inside? Who had self talk similar to: ‘No way Jose! This body ain’t wearing no bikini in public!’ I bet it was a few of us. Am I right? It’s ok to admit it. 

I totally get it. I do. I don’t look like the bathing suit models you see in the magazines or online. But, let’s be real. The majority of bodies on the planet don’t look like those models anyway and you know what, my body is still a great body! In fact, my body is frickin fab!

Why My Body Is A Great Bikini Body

Are there times I’m insecure about my bat wings and bulgy bits? Um, yeah! I grew a human and the stretch marks are there to prove it! I think it’s truly natural to not always love our bodies, BUT, we don’t have to feel bad about them, or tell ourselves that our bodies aren’t amazing. Because seriously, our bodies (yours included!) are amazing!

woman sitting crossed legged on rocks in the forest wearing a bikini and lace robe for boudoir images

This physical vessel that helps us navigate through everything that comes our way in life, it’s unbelievable, really! I mean, just thinking about the incredible miracle of science of how our bodies come into being starting with tiny little cells?! And then we’re born totally helpless but we grow and learn. We eventually figure out how to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk, read and write, climb mountains, ice skate etc. Come on, you have to agree here that our bodies are amaaaaazing!!!

And as our bodies are the physical part of our being (not the soul – the essence of who we really are), they just are what they are – we’re all different thankfully and all perfectly imperfect! And ya know what, every single body no matter the size, nor the shape, not the age, race or gender CAN WEAR A BIKINI! Let’s repeat that.

Every body can wear a bikini. So, every body is a bikini body.

And because we have a new appreciation for this physical vessel, let’s agree that every body is a great bikini body. Why think of our bodies as any less? What’s the point? 

woman with red hair and wearing a black with trim bikini laying on her back on a log with bushes behind her

Who cares what society has crammed down our throats for years and years with models on the covers of magazines. Screw that! Nobody (including society) is going to tell me, or you, that my body couldn’t or shouldn’t wear a bikini. If I want to wear a 2-piece bathing suit, you know I’m gonna do just that!

What’s Your Self Talk Now?

I don’t care if you’re saying in your head ‘well I have really thick thighs’, or ‘I still haven’t lost the baby weight’ or ‘I’m a bit too hairy to reveal that much skin’ or ‘since breaking my leg and lack of exercise I’m just not ready to put on a bikini’ or whatever it is you might be saying to yourself. Just stop it. Stop. It. Now.

Nobody else has said you can’t wear a bikini. Nobody. You can wear the bikini. Only you think and tell yourself that you can’t. Only you are stopping yourself from wearing the damn bikini. So let’s get over it. All of us. Let’s get past it and wear the damn bikini. (Am I ranting now? Lol This stuff just really fires me up!)

Like the above internet meme says, it’s just 3 simple steps to wearing a bikini….

You know you want to do it, so wear the damn bikini!!

It really is as simple as that.

woman wearing a bikini laying in water and water droplets dripping from her fingers held above her chest

Free Ourselves From This Negative Thinking

Just think about what you might be missing out on in life. You want to go to the beach, go cliff-jumping with friends, do some boating on the lake. And if you’re a parent, just think about how your negative self-talk and negative views of your own body can lead to insecurities in your children.

Your kids don’t give a hoot about your body and your choice of swimwear. What they will remember is if Mom didn’t want to go in the lake with them, or on the boat with friends and family, or get in the pool and do swimming lessons with them. And how sad is that? That is something we can control and do our best to prevent. 

Woman in a bikini and lace robe sitting on a rock in a riverbed

Instead we can toss out that negative thinking, erase the views that society has taught us (it’s crap anyway!) and be there for our kids. Show up with our friends and simply live life! Please don’t miss out on anything because of a negative view of your body. All bodies are good bodies and all bodies are great bikini bodies so let’s say it together now…..


And now that you’re ready to do that, I hope you’ll also feel ready to boldly embrace yourself with beautiful intimate portraits from a Boudoir Experience. Give yourself the opportunity to feel gorgeous, get pampered and document beautiful you. You can even wear your bikini!

Photos shared with permission.

Michele Mateus is a Boudoir, Intimate Portrait & Nude Fine Art Photographer located in Coquitlam, BC. Serving Coquitlam, Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley, BC. Studio, Outdoor and On-location Boudoir Photography.

Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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