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Honouring Your Body: Vancouver Maternity Photographer

I love being a Vancouver Maternity Photographer. It’s such an honour to be welcomed into your life during this special time.

Being pregnant is a ride! Some of us enjoy it and others don’t. Let’s be honest, it can be kinda scary seeing your body morph completely and uncomfortable too. Not every woman feels beautiful during her pregnancy. We can all appreciate that it’s a beautiful experience growing a life, but the swollen ankles, nausea, heartburn etc. If you know, you know!

Understandably, not all women feel super comfortable doing Maternity Photos as they don’t necessarily feel all that comfortable in their body. Am I right? I get it. BUT, regardless of how you feel (and hopefully it’s great!), as a Vancouver Maternity Photographer, and a mother, I fully believe that every woman should experience a pregnancy photoshoot.

Being pregnant, you are growing a human!! This is amazing, miraculous and worthy of celebrating! Doing Maternity Photos is way of honouring your body, the changes, the growing and the miracle that you are experiencing. Trust me, you will never regret having precious photos of this incredible time in your life. And, when baby is earthbound, you and your partner, with bebe, can view these images together. You can share with your little one the story of how they came to be. Show them how much you love them even before they were born.

Ms. K here was one of those mamas who wasn’t so sure about doing Maternity Photos. She wanted to have the beautiful photos but was nervous about being in front of the camera. I shared with her that that’s completely normal. Been there, get it. But, once in studio, being pampered with hair and makeup and knowing that this is an experience just for you and your sweet growing babe, it’s really something that all pregnant mamas deserve.

Ms. K went for it and as you can see, her photos are beautiful and a timeless legacy to hold dear for years to come. Congrats Ms. K for taking the chance on me being your Maternity Photographer and of course, on your sweet little baby. Enjoy mamahood!

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