Embracing Yourself As Art: Vancouver Boudoir Photoshoot

Ms. M came into our Vancouver Boudoir studio to see herself as art. This photoshoot was a long time in the making as she was gifted this session three years ago and after putting it off for so long she was ready to come in and co-create art together.

Ms. M wanted to keep things natural yet sensual which is something we are known for at Mateus Studios. I don’t dictate how you should look in your boudoir photos, as I want your photos to truly reflect your style and your authentic essence. I will help you with suggestions, and my biggest piece of advice is to keep things simple.

Sensuality doesn’t have to be busy, keeping things simple allows the focus to truly be on you.

We started with a cozy sweater to ease into the photoshoot. Like Ms. M, so many people love the cozy boudoir style, which is typically wearing a oversized sweater. Once warmed up Ms. M was ready to wear her bodysuit, and I know you have heard this before but I will alway say it again and again: Black bodysuits are my favourite boudoir wardrobe item! They are timeless and sexy and you can find them in all sizes for all body types.

I created anonymous boudoir photos for Ms. M. These types of photos are always a big hit, especially for wall art pieces. Not everyone wants to have their booty up on their wall, but an artistic image is often what people are after when wanting to create wall art from their boudoir portraits.

While originally nervous, Ms. M really allowed herself to be part of the creative process. When she saw her photos she was blown away with how much she loved them. She shared that she has never even printed her wedding photos, yet was looking forward to having these images printed to enjoy as art. That made my photographer heart so happy! It is always a BIG win for me when I know someone is really nervous but in the end are overjoyed with their Mateus Studios boudoir experience.

Thank you Ms. M for having me create these timeless art pieces of you, for you.

Let’s Make
Magic Together!

I Look Forward To Having
You In My Vancouver Boudoir
And Portrait Studio!

Michele Mateus is an award winning Vancouver Boudoir and Women’s Portrait Photographer. Serving Coquitlam, Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Langley, Abbotsford, Squamish, Burnaby, Surrey, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster and the Great Vancouver area.

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