Tasleem is Fabulous Beyond 40! 

Every woman of every age needs to be celebrated and supported, and that’s what this Fabulous Beyond 40 Experience is all about. 

Here is a sneak peek of Ms. Tasleem who has recently turned 40 and she is absolutely Fabulous Beyond 40!! I love what she has to say about being our authentic selves yet needing to stand up to the boxes we are put in right from birth. 

You can learn more about the full Fabulous Beyond 40 experience in the original blog post and also read about some of 40 Over 40 women I’ve featured, who will also be a part of the upcoming gallery-style exhibit later this year. For now, let’s meet Tasleem.

Tasleem is Fabulous Beyond 40!

Age: 40

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What Made You Want to Celebrate Being Fabulous Beyond 40 With A Boudoir Session?

I’ve gone through a lot of trauma in my life and this is a moment in my life when I have finally started expanding and becoming more of “myself.”  I am doing a lot of internal work, letting go of old patterns and behaviours, and rebranding my business in a massive way – and I wanted to celebrate me, and also inspire others to really embrace their power and femininity.

What Did You Enjoy Most About This Intimate Photos Experience? How Did It Make You Feel About Yourself?

I really enjoyed when Michele suggested we just “play” for the first little bit when I was nervous, and I put on this beautiful poofy gown and posed like a Disney princess lol.  Those shots turned out beautiful but also helped me realize that this whole experience is about me having fun, enjoying and celebrating me.  From that point, the entire shoot was super fun, trying different poses and outfits and laughing with Michele.

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What Have You Learned to Appreciate More as You Have Aged?

Sometimes I really don’t feel like I’ve aged, but rather that I’m the same person who has just moved through time and gained experiences and wisdom – and I have to say it’s the wisdom I appreciate the most. I have also learned that by treating myself well with healthy habits, I can enjoy my life at any age, and that’s a gift that’s been gained with age too.

How Has Your Relationship With Yourself and Your Body Changed Over Time?

From a young age, I rejected my body because of a lot of bullying, body shaming and racism.  I rejected the parts of myself that are my strength, and instead just decided that by controlling my body and making it smaller, I will in turn BE smaller and hopefully no one will bully me anymore. 

I now realize how much power there is in making myself BIGGER – energetically, vocally and even physically.

Eating more to feed the needs of the body, working out to grow my muscles and strength, and getting ample rest to allow recovery.  It’s a work in progress but I am appreciating the healthier connection and relationship with my body.

If You Could Go Back in Time and Meet Your 18 Year Old Self, What Would You Say to Her?

Wow, you are absolutely gorgeous, so wicked smart and super wise and intuitive.  And all the bullying you have experienced and continue to experience even today is what is going to make you an incredibly intuitive coach when you’re older.  You will get through this, don’t allow anyone to make you small and just know I’m with you all the way.  Also, one day you will be the mother of two amazing and beautiful children and you’re going to have a huge impact on their self esteem and their ability to feel normal in this crazy world – what a beautiful blessing.

What is Your Motto or Favourite Quote?

This feels fitting for today:
“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”
~ Anthem, Leonard Cohen.

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What Advice Can You Offer Other Women Of All Ages, Around Ageing and Fully Embracing Who We Are In The Moment (Which We Know is Hard To Do!)?

It is intense being a woman.  From the day we are born, we are put into boxes, constructs, paradigms, and it just amps up throughout the most vulnerable years of our lives where what we need most is love, acceptance, validation and support.  It often feels like we are left undoing so much of the garbage conditioning dumped on us as little girls – but this is where we can empower ourselves to change this for us as well as our future generations. Speak up, push back, stop being polite, set boundaries, be STRONG, be vulnerable, just BE and be you all the way!

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Michele is an extremely talented photographer! No matter what type of pictures you’re looking for, she will coach you on the best position, style, etc for optimal lighting and the most beautiful pictures. Michele also makes you feel extremely comfortable in your own skin, and likes to have fun and make magic from your photoshoot. I highly recommend Michele!

Wow! Thank you Tasleem, and you are so right! It’s up to all of us women to stand up, speak up and negate the conditioning so that we can all truly be ourselves authentically, proudly and without hesitation. 

If you’re curious to learn more about this 40 Over 40: Fabulous Beyond 40 experience, click here for all of the details. I have a few more spots to fill and it could be YOU!!

Photos shared with permission.

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