Taking Her Power Back Post Trauma Through Boudoir: Vancouver Boudoir Client Story

Meet Ms. J, Taking Her Power Back Through Boudoir

Ms. J’s Me Too Story

Whenever I meet a new client I have to remember that she, like everyone, has a past. And sometimes there’s elements in one’s life that I need to be extra sensitive about. As unfortunate as it is, Ms. J is yet another woman who has experienced trauma in her life and can rightly say “me too”. She has done a lot of work to move past her experience and she is not letting it define her. She’s taking her power back and boudoir is part of that journey.

Taking her power back post trauma through boudoir

Like so many women out there, I too have experienced sexual assault. It is such a violation of not only your body, but your trust. For me, a boudoir session was a chance to take some of my power back. It was done on my terms and I was in control.  Being vulnerable in an intimate setting with Michele allows you the opportunity to regain that trust not only with others, but ultimately, with yourself.”

How did you feel during the process of working together?

Working with Michele was amazing! All of the little details she takes care of from providing a prep guide, snacks and your name on the welcome sign to make you feel special. She is incredibly professional and makes the boudoir shoot fun and comfortable.

Michele is your biggest cheerleader during the shoot and allows you to be vulnerable and express yourself without the fear of judgement.

Taking her power back post trauma through boudoir

I really enjoyed the reveal session as she walked me through my images- you can see the pride in her work and it comes through as amazing photographs that celebrate you!

What impact did doing a boudoir/intimate portrait session have on you?

This year I turned 40 so it was a birthday gift to myself. Having spent the last decade raising three children and the focus be on them, it felt good to do something nice to celebrate me.

Having a morning of pampering with hair and make up and then getting some incredible photos was a great experience.

“Every woman deserves the opportunity to feel beautiful and have that beauty captured.”

Taking her power back post trauma through boudoir

What advice would you give someone on the fence about doing a boudoir/intimate portrait session with Mateus Studios?

Just do it! It is an opportunity to push your comfort boundaries in a safe space and you’ll get some beautiful artwork to commemorate the experience. You’ll be glad you did.”

Taking her power back post trauma through boudoir
Taking her power back post trauma through boudoir

We all come to the decision to do a boudoir photo shoot for different reasons. And the session itself is an empowering one. It can also be an emotional one as women realize their greatness that perhaps they’ve forgotten, or haven’t felt in a while. It’s an opportunity to be you and try on a side of you that’s in there and exists but just doesn’t get to be shown very often.

I’m so proud of Ms. J for taking the leap and treating herself to this experience to be pampered and shown just how beautiful she is. And, through it all, I’m absolutely honoured that she chose my studio to be vulnerable at, especially post trauma, and to build that trust and take her power back in such a beautiful way. Thank you Ms. J! I’m sure proud of you and in awe of you too.

Taking her power back post trauma through boudoir

Take Your Power Back

Since we’re being vulnerable, I should share that I also have a ‘me too’ history of, sadly, more than one experience. Like Ms. J, I have spent years working through this in an effort to reclaim my body and power as well.

While I certainly hope you don’t have a traumatic experience in your past, I want all of you to know that I will provide a safe place for you to be vulnerable and I’ll work with you gently to help you move past your ‘me too’ story. I want to help build your confidence so you can realize the powerful and incredible woman that you are!

Taking her power back post trauma through boudoir

If you are interested in a session, but feeling a bit unsure, I completely understand. Please reach out to me and I’d love to chat and support you however I can. We women need to stick together and lift each other up!

Michele Mateus is a Vancouver Boudoir & Portrait Photographer located in Coquitlam, BC. Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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