Self Care Boudoir

A Vancouver Boudoir Experience – ‘The Ultimate Form of Self Care’

A Self Care & Feeling YOU Again Boudoir Experience

“Michele made this photo shoot so easy and fun from start to finish. Her warm, bubbly personality and professionalism made me feel totally at ease. And the photos turned out amazing! I felt creative and confident and sexy. Thanks Michele!” ~ Ms. C

Boudoir Experience

Ms.C is a busy mom of two and a career woman who is juggling all the things. Can you relate?! With the added 24/7 responsibility of life with children, it’s easy to fall into their routines and always focus on meeting their needs, while not giving yourself what you need. 

Lucky for Ms. C, she won the opportunity to put herself first with a Boudoir Experience and through it, she found a part of herself that had been set aside for a bit. Not only did she FEEL amazing again, she also felt empowered within herself and was inspired to do something she hasn’t done in years!

I love empowering women! Let’s meet Ms. C and find out more!

What was your favourite part of this full experience from start to finish? How has it impacted you?

Being inspired to really feel empowered in my body and move in new ways. I feel more confident and creative!

Boudoir Experience

Why did you want to do an empowering boudoir photo shoot?

My sister did a photo shoot with Michele and encouraged me to enter one of her contests for a free photo shoot and I won! This was a few months into the pandemic and I was so excited to be doing something I felt was 100% for me.

It felt like the ultimate form of self care.

How did you decide on your outfits? What feel or vibe were you going for?

I knew I wanted something simple and soft. I was inspired by Gwen Stefanie’s Underneath it All music video. So I chose for my first outfit a white tank top, lacy bra and hipster underwear. I’m also a huge fan of Chicago the musical and Fosse and knew I wanted to do something unapologetically sexy, bold and mysterious. So I chose a black turtleneck and fishnets. 

Boudoir Experience

For my third outfit, I was browsing in the lingerie section and found this incredible black body suit that was on sale so I bought it on an impulse for the shoot and it worked out great. (I was feeling so good I even wore it out to dinner the night after the photo shoot with a pair of distressed jeans and boxy blazer).

How did the session make you feel both during the shoot and then afterwards?

I loved collaborating with Michele on our vision for the photo shoot. I felt so creative and confident. It was about how I felt more than how I looked and I think that really came through the photos.

Boudoir Experience

How did the reality of your session compare to your expectations going into it?

It exceeded my expectations. I loved being creative and collaborating on making these gorgeous photos!

Did you learn anything about yourself through this experience?

I realized I missed working in a creative way, moving my body other than the ways I do in my everyday life for work and taking care of the kids. It just felt like more possibilities for ways to be in the world opened up, and like I was embracing being 40 and loving everything about it.

Boudoir Experience

What challenges have you faced in relation to your body? How have you overcome them?

I have chronic pain and some other issues like a tremor in my hands I was worried about showing in the photo shoot. I’ve definitely been in conflict with my body in different ways for many years and learned over and over again how to befriend it. This experience helped me find another avenue to friendship with my body and health, really allowing me to just enjoy the moment.

What would you say to someone who is on the fence about doing a boudoir experience with Mateus Studios?

Trust Michele. Trust yourself. Go for it.

Boudoir Experience

A little birdie told us that something very cool came to be as a result of your boudoir photos, might you be willing to share about that?

I felt so confident and creative after my time with Michele that I decided to contact my old agent about modeling again. As a teen, after I’d modeled in a couple big cities, I had an awful experience. Defending myself from predator photographers, agents claiming to be my friend while undermining my self-esteem and relationship with my body.

But after this photoshoot with Michele I felt like I had found the artistry of it again and basically said fuck it, I’m going to do this for myself.

I’m gonna choose who I work with (even a whiff of toxicity and I’m outta there) and be unapologetically me: 41, grey hairs from the privilege of aging, boobs that have fed 2 kids, a body that’s beautiful and functional. My agent signed me again and we’ll see if the jobs start coming in. Until then I’m having fun testing with local photographers and making art!

Boudoir Experience

How very cool is that?! I’m so proud of you Ms. C! Way to feel your best, own it, and then go for it! I love knowing I’ve been a wee part in helping empower others. It really is so rewarding for me. Thank you Ms. C for entering the contest. It was great fun working with you and I’m cheering you on for a Vogue cover! 

Have you booked YOUR Boudoir Experience yet? If you have questions, please reach out.

Photos shared with permission.

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Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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