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Screw Covid, Let’s Get Sassy! – Sassy Virtual Sessions

So who else is tired of all the doom and gloom? How about being alone in sweats, not brushing your hair, and feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? I know I am!

So when Teri Hofford, a fellow Canadian photographer whose work and philosophy I admire, came up with this idea, I knew I had to jump on her bandwagon.

I bought her course and did my first #shakeshitupwithwebcams shoot and am now going to start offering them to you all. BIG SHOUT OUT TO Teri for this wave of creative excitement she has started not just for us photographers but also for our clients! More on that in my next blog post when my muse Ms. L shares about her experience.

Sassy Virtual Sessions
Sassy Virtual Sessions

We all have to make a commitment to one another to keep our distance, stay home and do our part to flatten the curve, and I know as a person with a compromised immune system that I have to be extra careful, though my creativity can still keep alive during all this (thanks Teri!) Also no one is saying we can’t have fun, so let’s make that happen together!

So today I am introducing my Sassy Virtual Sessions’, because Lord knows I am so tired of hearing about social isolation, and these shoots allow us to get social so let’s ditch those words at least for an hour and have some fun together!

And for the record I am not trying to make light of the situation we are all in together. Rather I am just trying to bring some light into your day.

Sassy Virtual Sessions Deets

First of all let’s make sure you understand that all Sassy Virtual Sessions are taken with an iPhone and use special screen capture software, so by no means do they act as a substitution for one of my in-studio sessions. These sessions are for you to take a break from all the heaviness of the world right now, have something to look forward to, and get some sassy photos to remember this time! My goal as a photographer is to hold space for women to express themselves and to feel great that they did and gush over the final results, these sessions are no different and with how low tech they are there is the fun element of surprise to see what we can create in this virtual session. Let’s have fun and get you glowing during such a dark time!

What you will receive:
– 30-45 minutes virtual photo that brings some joy back into your heart
– full direction from Michele. Note: you must bring your sense of humour because there will be a lot of laughter as we work through virtual posing guidance
– 10 edited sassy photos that will give you nice pick me up
– a unique way to document this crazy time we are living in right now
– an opportunity to co-create art together, take that social isolation!
– a chance to connect your body, mind and soul to help you through all the stress we are carrying right now
– A way to give back to others that need extra support during this time

Sassy Virtual Sessions Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Sassy Virtual Sessions FAQ’s


If you want to get dolled up go for it! Or if you want to wear sexy lounge wear (aka pj’s!) do it! If you want to be naked you can do that too, or rock your fav bathrobe, take a shower and do the session right after with wet messy hair, towel on head, yoga pants and sports bra, the sky’s the limit! We can even do a Sassy Virtual Session with you in a bubble bath! Check out the hashtag #shakeshitupwithwebcams for some inspo on instagram.


Well then you are in good company! All we need is good light and a small area to work with. It could be your bedroom, your living room sofa or your washroom. When we get on the call you will give me a tour of your place and together we will pick the best spot. This is what co-creation is all about, working together to make something beauuuuutiful together! Don’t over tidy, we want to give a feeling of you in your space, and I suspect messy homes are part of this time for most everyone I know, again embrace it! Plus I LOVE that we can work within fun elements in your home, like your pets, favourite art or a comfy chair that was your grannies!

PS: if you are a nature lover we can do these outside too! Find a private spot that Wifi will work and we will be good to rock and roll. I have some really amazing examples on instagram of this, check out #shakeshitupwithwebcams


Like all my sessions you must be over the age of 19, and for this one you need an iPhone – will be working on making this work for Android phones too! You will book your time slot, make your donation (please send me a screenshot of your donation confirmation) and then I will call you using iPhone Facetime. You will give me a tour of your home and we will explore the best spots to do the session and then we will get started. If there is someone else in your home you want to involve as my tripod (they would hold the camera and I would direct them) then bonus! But you can also pop your phone into a cup or use something to prop it up and we will rock what we can that way. PS: make sure to do your stretches first ;

You can expect to have your photos a week after your session, I will send them to you through an online gallery where you can download them to your computer and share to our heart’s content!

I am so excited about these and look forward to creating some sassy fun images to break the covid doom and gloom, together we are stronger!


We are all hurting right in so many ways and I know finances are so tight, I am not earning and have no idea when I can again which is quite hard for our family, but we know we can make it through this all.

What I also know is that there are many people out there that can use the help more than ever right now and so I have decided to use these sessions as a way to bring some support to an organisation working with women and children and have chosen ATIRA as their vision and mission really spoke to me, I suspect it will speak to your hearts too. You can read more about them and the work they do here. I will not let others know how much your donation was, but I would love to share at the end of this how much we as a community of women were able to raise together! Now let’s do this


As I am not charging for these sessions I would love to be able to share them and give more inspo to other women to try one out too! I will ask that you allow me to share 5 of the 10 images from your Sassy Virtual Sessions shoot, and not to worry you can choose which ones! If you love the session and want to be featured on my blog I would love that too but we can decide that after.

Let’s spread some lovin’ on ourselves, body love right now! There are SO MANY fat jokes going around about people gaining weight while at home, and this really bothers me as I know that many people do use food to soothe themselves, and I am not here to judge that, shit I do that! I am hoping that in sharing some of these images we will help women see we can all feel good in our bodies right now. Can I get an AMEN! Ok sorry that was a tangent about usage, but yes I would like to share some and yes you can choose which, you will be sent my model release form to fill out.


To manage expectations I need to let you know that the photo quality is not going to be what you usually see from me (it’s phone-to-phone, people!) and honestly, Sassy Virtual Sessions are more about having fun, getting creative and documenting this crazy time we are living in vs. creating award-winning images that might end up on a billboard one day.

The images will be grainy and not super high res, and to lean into that a bit more I have decided I am going to have some fun editing them with a vintage vibe, which also means no retouching and no photoshopping of any sort, not that I overly edit my photos but I do clean up those dark circles we all have and smooth out lumps and bumps which with these photos I have limitations so keep that in mind. This is life as it is my friends so we are gonna embrace i

Big love,

If you have any more questions please ask! If you want to book a session you can fill out this contact form or connect with me on Facebook through my VIP group, which is open to all women.

Sassy Virtual Sessions Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

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