Rainbows and Accounting: An Unlikely Match for a Personal Branding Session

Assunta Iannilli, A Vibrant Vancouver CPA Personal Branding Session

I was preparing to shoot a personal branding session for my new accountant client and we all know the stereotype of accountants. Dry, no personality and boring. Right? Well I was so happily taught otherwise when meeting Vancouver CPA and Virtual CFO, Assunta Iannilli. I mean just look at her smile in these photos. This woman is so much fun, has travelled the world and is so much more than just an accountant. Which by the way, is an amazing and respectable career! Every small business owner needs one and Assunta is hugely successful and loved by all of her clients for the incredible service she provides.

Personal Branding Photo Shoot for a vibrant CPA

Getting to Know Assunta

When I was getting to know Assunta before her personal branding session, she told me her motto in business is this:

Your Virtual CFO, showing you the rainbow in your dark business clouds! Accounting has to be dealt with, but not necessarily by you. Together we can build your bottom line.

And for real, this woman is a bright rainbow in what many of us small business owners (me included!) find as the storm aka all the numbers! When you’re an artsy type like me, the numbers stuff is hard! That’s why I loved it when she said she likes to empower her clients to understand complex tax matters as she’ll explain things simply so that you do understand, which then gives you the confidence in making better business financial decisions. Yes please!

Assunta also shared, “I understand what it’s like to run a small business! Challenges and all since I am a small business owner, too! I am easy going, relatable with a sense of fun, yet I take a serious interest in wanting my clients’ small businesses to succeed and thrive! My clients have access to me throughout the year to deal with surprises and to bring certainty to the unexpected! Clients can call me all the time. Not just once a year when they need their income taxes filed…Decisions are made everyday. Bad decisions can be costly. Better to have me on speed dial.”

Personal Branding Photo Shoot for Small Business Owner

The Photo Plan

Well clearly this was going to be a vibrant personal branding session and you know I’m all about colour! We met up in late summer so the bright greens and floral hues were just perfect as a backdrop. Deer Lake Park in Burnaby was the location of choice and Assunta was an excellent muse. 

Personal Branding Photo Shoot for Small Business Owner

You can really see her fun loving personality shine in these photos and I think her outfit of choice was excellent. She’s a professional but not stuffy and so relatable, so the business casual attire complete with the blazer was just the right mix.

For anyone looking for a fun accountant who knows her stuff and is excited to explain it to you, there’s no need to follow the yellow brick road, just contact Assunta. You can find her info on her website or on facebook too!

Personal Branding Photo Shoot for Small Business Owner

Your Plan

If you’re a small business owner looking to align your business brand with fresh new photos, please contact me for a complimentary consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

Photos shared with permission.

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