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Why is it that Society seems to only value younger women?! It’s ridiculous! Women are amazing at every age and I think we only get wiser and more fabulous! Hence, 40 Over 40, a boudoir and intimate photos photographic journey showcasing 40 women specifically over the age of 40 to prove that we are NOT less than. We are strong, resilient, gorgeous, fabulous and allllll the things!!

I’m so grateful to Sue, this week’s Client Spotlight, who participated in Fabulous Beyond 40 to show the world that age is just a number! She and the rest of the participants will gather later this year at a gallery-style exhibit so we can honour and celebrate each other together.

Sue’s story is below and you can read about the other fabulous women on the blog.

Sue is Fabulous and Over 40!

Age: 63

black and white image of a woman over 40 with hand at her chin

What Made You Want to Celebrate Being Fabulous By Doing A Boudoir Photography Photo Session?

I loved the idea that at 63 there was no age range beyond 40 being excluded.

What Did You Enjoy Most About This Over 40 Vancouver Boudoir Experience? How Did It Make You Feel About Yourself?

I felt terrific! It was a total treat to myself and worth every penny.

What Have You Learned to Appreciate More as You Have Aged?

Not to take life too seriously.

How Has Your Relationship With Yourself and Your Body Changed Over Time?

I am much more accepting of myself. 

My mom was always after me about looking my best and would nag me about my shape. I don’t think she ever realized how hurtful it was for me. For her it came from a place of making sure I was healthy. To me it was shaming. While this is part of my psychological history I’m not nearly as affected by it as I used to be.

black and white boudoir image of a woman over 40 wearing lingerie, laying on her back on a rug

If You Could Go Back in Time and Meet Your 18 Year Old Self, What Would You Say to Her?

Drink more water.

What is Your Motto or Favourite Quote?

Be who you are—and enjoy it. It’s 100% Ok to be different and unique.

woman in lingerie sitting on a rug and wrapped in a sheer piece of fabric

Having Now Participated in This Intimate Photo Shoot, What Advice Can You Offer Other Women Of All Ages, Around Ageing and Fully Embracing Who We Are In The Moment?

It’s going to happen so be kind to yourself and go with it. Laugh if you have to — that always feels better, a great laugh at yourself and the world — to release whatever may get you down.

Any Last Words?

Thank you again Michele for the fabulous day all about me <3

boudoir image of a woman over 40 sitting backwards on a chair wearing a black dress

Awe, you’re so welcome Sue. I’m so proud of you and love your advice of laughing! It really is the best medicine! 

To learn all about the Fabulous Beyond 40 Experience, click here for all of the details! I look forward to connecting with you for a complimentary consultation.

Photos shared with permission.

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Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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