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Hands up, who else is hyped to take boudoir to the next level after a shoot?! I’m always so proud of women whenever they say they want to turn their boudoir into more than just a one-time experience. It means they’ve found enough confidence to take their new portraits to the next level, and as the artist I can’t WAIT to help with that!

One thing I highly encourage my clients to do after their photoshoot is to take the portraits I’ve created and turn them into wall art. It’s such a cool way to celebrate the body and your natural form.

And here’s a hint to start, you can use fine art at Mateus Studios to help you with this! More on that later though. First and foremost, use this tip when creating boudoir wall art:

1. Make this the only choice that matters

I get a lot of people asking me, “Michele, should my new boudoir portraits be in black and white, or in colour? Should I REALLY make it as big as you say? How do I decide??”

I have only one thing to say about the choices when it comes to boudoir as wall art, and it’s this.

The size is the only thing that truly matters. 

Once this choice has been made, honestly, the rest of your choices will follow smoothly after. All my products cost the same, which is nice because then the only other choice you need to make is the medium that suits your home and personal style the best. It really is that easy!!

And if you read my previous post, you already know that I support big portraits. 😉

2. Think outside the bedroom for placement

I guarantee you that the bedroom does NOT have to be the only room to place your new boudoir wall art in! Try looking at other places to show your flame—the office, the hallway, the bathroom, the living room.

Be bold and take up more space! Act as a confident role model for your children, if you have them! And be your own Mona Lisa!

3. To frame, or not to frame? I say not, for this reason

While I do love and appreciate big, ornate frames for photographs and artwork, the thing about them is they can become dated fast. This can definitely happen if you decide to change your style/home decor, because the frames may end up no longer matching that.

That’s why I prefer not to frame your boudoir wall art! I personally enjoy keeping things sleek, timeless, and minimal. The frame should let your art speak for itself, rather than make the art be all about the frame. It’s the same advice I give to women when planning their boudoir outfits.

If a frame compliments the boudoir portrait in question however, a simple black or white frame, art gallery style, can take your portrait to the level of art at its finest! 

Turn Your Boudoir into an Art Gallery | Mateus Studios

4. Let your boudoir art last for ages—these products can help

The products I offer at Mateus Studios are around for a great reason. They last for ages, they’re unique in terms of artistic presentation, and they can make you look SENSATIONAL! 

In particular I provide my art in the form of metal, acrylic, canvas, and amalfi prints. For the best long-term care, the amalfis do need to be framed (see my previous point about that on the type of frame to use). I personally love the metals because the way it’s done by my printer of choice is exquisite!

So…hands up, who else is getting excited about doing this after reading about it?!

Photos shared with permission.

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