How Long Will You Wait Til You’re Ready? Lose the Wait!

Growing up I always thought that good stuff could happen in life but only after “I lose weight”. Perhaps you had similar thinking?

It sure seems like many of us are programmed to think this. Our culture really feeds us this message over and over. Do you remember anyone in your life (maybe you?) saying something like: ‘Oh I’ll probably do that, or this, but only after I lose 10 pounds… Wear a bikini? Have to lose at least 20 for that to happen!’ 

Lose Weight? Lose the Wait!

So many smart and beautiful women (and men!) can spend years waiting to lose the weight! Waiting to put ourselves out there, waiting to start our business, waiting to have a photoshoot, waiting to travel, wear that bikini, waiting and waiting until we lose the weight. 

Just think of all of the years wasted and all that is missed out on just because of the size of one’s body. We can waste years waiting and with no losing weight in sight. Life is for living. It’s time to lose the wait!

If I had a nickel for each time a client said they wanted to wait to book their photos until they were thinner, well I wouldn’t be rich lol, but I would have 100s if not 1000s of nickels. In today’s economy, a nickel doesn’t get you very far, but the point is that we are putting off having fulfillment in our lives, and working towards our dreams and desires. And all because we believe that we can’t have them until the scale gives us a specific number. 

But you know what I’m about to say…as this kinda sounds ridiculous, right?!

New Westminster Personal Branding Session Artist Mardell Randell
New Westminster Personal Branding Session Artist Mardell Randell

Here’s the Truth!

Your contribution to this world will not be determined by how close you are to your “ideal weight”. Period. Rather, it will be determined by your passion, your authenticity, your generosity and by your ability to positively impact those around you. Nobody even knows what your ideal weight is! So they won’t know how close or far away you are. Your weight has nothing to do with your worth. Let’s repeat that. 

Your weight has nothing to do with your worth.

It's time to lose the wait of hoping to lose weight and accept yourself.


When a client tells me that they had been holding off on doing a photo shoot until they lost weight, but then they just went for it instead, my reaction is: HALLELUJAH!! 

They’re essentially saying “F*** it, let’s do this. I’ve been waiting to lose weight and I don’t want to wait anymore. I just want to go for it. Be authentically me, regardless of my size/shape.”

It's time to lose the wait of hoping to lose weight and accept yourself.

They decide to leap because they remember that the belief that we need to be a certain size IS ridiculous! I could not feel more happy for those who finally accept and love themselves. That’s the best thing to witness.

Saying Yes

Your leap is not just for you but for everyone who is waiting. You’re an incredible role model and should be proud. This goes for my personal branding clients and my Mateus Studios boudoir clients too.

Your saying YES is you saying that, “Life is meant to be lived NOW and I’ve got some great living to do that can not wait until I fit into those high school jeans. I’m exactly who I need to be, to do what I need to do, now. I’m ready to lose the wait!”

Your saying YES is the inspiration for us all. 

Here’s to losing the real wait!!

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