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Living Spontaneously to Feel More Alive: Vancouver Boudoir and Portrait Studio

How Living Spontaneously, Diving In and Taking A Chance on New Things Can Spark Some Life Into Our Drained Selves

Are you feeling in a rut? You’re on that rat wheel of life and your body is begging you for more? The weight of the past year has really got you down and you’re feeling super sluggish and just blah? Boy, oh, boy, do I hear you and I feel you. And it’s not over yet. Ugh.

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to be living spontaneously again and get to do whatever the heck you want? Wherever the heck you want? With whomever you want?! I know I sure do. I never realized until this pandemic just how much I value a life of spontaneity and I’m feeling the weight of not being able to just decide at the last minute to go do something just because. There’s a huge boost of excitement and vitality that goes with living this way and I miss it. I bet you do too. Do you remember the last thing you did spontaneously?

Woman wearing lace outfit standing in the desert and living spontaneously doing a last minute boudoir shoot

My Last Crazy Energy Boosting Spontaneous Activity

Just days before the Coronavirus became a household word well over a year ago now, I had the opportunity to do something wild and crazy and incredibly spontaneous. And man, I’m so glad that I said yes, and dove in on that adventure, or I’d be even more stir crazy right now. Let me share.

Blonde haired woman wearing a black dress and heels holding black fabric standing in the Las Vegas desert with mountains in the background

I was in Las Vegas for the WPPI Photographer’s Conference. On my first day, I had planned to have lunch with the owner and manager of The Boudoir Album, Craig and Larysa (yes this is how my love for this amazing company started!). At lunch we got to talking and then on a total whim, they invited me for an early morning photoshoot as they were going to go out to the desert for a play. They wanted to see the sun rise and do some boudoir shots! WHAT? Go to the desert in the dark when it’s freezing cold with complete strangers and do a photo shoot with barely any clothing on?

Haha, well, that’s my life, so as someone who loves an adventure, I said YES!! I mean I was there for photography, right?! How’s that for living spontaneously?! LOL

Woman in lace outfit laying on the ground

We left at 5:00am and let me just tell you, I am not a morning person and it was the first night away from my family, so I could have slept in, but nope, no rest for this gal! Also, I didn’t pack for the occasion, so I headed off to Victoria Secret & The Hustler lingerie shop and bought this outfit! Yup, first time in a Hustler!

Woman with blonde hair wearing black and wrapped in black fabric with desert mountains in the background during a spontaneous boudoir shoot

The images featured here on this blog are the ones that I shot of Larysa and the pics that she captured of me. We had a blast! We shivered our butts off the whole time so it was a bit difficult to look and feel sexy, but we sure felt incredibly alive. It was an amazing experience I’ll never forget!

Woman in lace outfit laying on her back on the ground

A Spontaneous Activity You Can Do

I’m so pleased that after the early few months of Covid, I was able to reopen my studio in a Covid-friendly way where all of my clients could feel safe during their intimate boudoir experience. And now with offering Outdoor Boudoir as well, I’m able to provide you with another option for a safe setting. Whether it’s living spontaneously with a last-minute-in-the-desert boudoir session, or your very 1st time, taking a chance to try something new, like boudoir, is so invigorating and energy boosting, not to mention empowering too.

Woman in black outfit holding black fabric behind her and reddish coloured mountains in the background

I invite you to lift yourself out of your rut and choose to do this for you. Life is for living, even during a pandemic, and as we’re able to shoot boudoir in a super safe way, here’s your chance to embrace living your life more spontaneously. Choose to do this just for you, just because, and I guarantee you’ll feel more alive.

Photos shared with permission.

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