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Launching Outdoor Boudoir!!

Outdoor Boudoir Experience Now Available with Mateus Studios

Last fall, my friend Ms. M and I decided we’d venture outside, and slightly out of town, and head into the woods, to somewhere hopefully quite private, to do an outdoor shoot! I’m so glad we did this together as the experience and the photo results are quite simply magical! I asked Ms. M if she’d be willing to share her thoughts about her outdoor experience, becoming one with nature, so to speak, and she kindly said yes. So let’s meet Ms. M!

woman sitting crossed legged with eyes closed and open palms to the sky laid on her knees outdoors in a forest

Why did you want to have a boudoir photoshoot outside?

I had done a studio shoot with Michele and that was so much fun.  But I wanted to do an outdoor boudoir shoot because I wanted to play with the natural elements and be creative with Mother Nature. There is so much inspiration and playfulness in nature and I wanted my photos to reflect that.  Also, we spend so much time indoors, especially during this pandemic, so it’s a great opportunity to be playful outside.

woman's head tilted towards the sky and her face has lace shadows on it and her eyes are closed

How did it differ to one done in the studio?

The outdoor experience is different because you don’t have the lights of a studio shoot.  That means you have to work with what you’re given that day and make the most of the natural lighting and follow the light. It can lead to creative use of light and there is a wide range of lighting effects in my outdoor photos.  I really enjoy the softer lighting of natural light, so it definitely gives a different feel to the photos from a studio shoot.

dark haired woman standing on rocks of a dry creekbed wearing black bra and panties and a white lace cover

How did you feel outside during the session?

It felt great to be outside. At first, I was worried that there would be people around that would distract me, but we found a quieter spot and after a while, you don’t notice that there might be people around. While Michele will help you to find an inspiring quiet spot, you do have to be mindful that you are going to be outside which means that there might be people around and you might be seen, so there is that piece that people have to consider.  But being outside means that you will be taking photos that you won’t be able to replicate in a studio, so that’s also very fun and exciting.

woman in lingerie outdoors

What was your favorite part about being photographed outside?

I think  my favourite part is playing with the setting and being creative with nature. When you are shooting outside, you can only get that photo at that specific moment in time because the elements like lighting are constantly changing.  When you are in a controlled setting like a studio, you might be able to replicate a photo many times, but when you are outdoors, you might only have one chance to capture a moment. And to me that fleeting moment is beautiful because nothing in life is permanent, everything is transient.

woman standing in a dry creek bed surrounded by forest wearing lingerie

How did you decide on what to wear for this shoot?

I started by thinking about how I wanted to feel during my shoot and the feel of the photos I wanted to create.  I started to collect photos onto a Pinterest board to get inspired.  I wanted to evoke the feelings of being free and calm, so I chose an outfit that I felt would help me bring those feelings into my photos.  I also wanted to bring out the contrast of soft and hard in my photos, so I wore a softer outfit and I love the contrast of the hard cold rocks in the location that we shot the photos.

dark haired woman with eyes closed and hands at upper chest wearing a white lace cover up outside in the forest

What would you say to women thinking of doing an outdoor boudoir shoot?

I would say if you’re interested and curious about it, then definitely do it!  It’s such an invigorating experience to be outdoors and being inspired by your surroundings to capture a one of a kind photo.  I think it’s also an opportunity for women to take up more space outdoors.  Oftentimes, I feel that the outdoors is associated with being a ‘man’s space’ where they go out and do manly outdoor activities, while traditionally, women’s space is associated with being indoors (the home, domestic space).  But the outdoors is also a female space and I think it’s time that we bring more feminine energy to the outdoors.

creative outdoor boudoir image in colour with green leaves, tree trunks and sky peeking through with woman in the centre of image in a white lace shawl

Thank you Ms. M! You know I love working with you and I really appreciate your willingness to explore and experiment with me.

Since then and all winter long I’ve been dreaming of getting outside again with my camera and I’m so excited to now be offering the Outdoor Boudoir Experience!! I’m building up the list of places we can go and if you have ideas too, please share!

To celebrate I have a special offer: the 1st 3 women to book an Outdoor Boudoir Experience with me get their Session Fee WAIVED! That’s a value of $397!! Reach out asap to book and please note, this offer does not include prints or digital images.

*Don’t forget that your Outdoor Boudoir Images are available in either Colour or Black & White, AND, if you book any session (in studio or outdoor) by May 15th, you’ll get all of your selected images in both Black & White and Colour!!*

Images shared with permission.

Michele Mateus is a Vancouver Boudoir & Portrait Photographer located in Coquitlam, BC. Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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