Body Positivity

Why I don’t believe in
Body Positivity.


I don’t believe in Body Positivity.


Because what may have started off as a good thing, like many things became co-opted by whiteness and toxic beauty standards + toxic positivity, oh and capitalism cause let’s be honest, no one is making money off you feeling positive in your body.

Not to mention the body positivity movement did not take into account bodies that face oppression for simply existing in the bodies they are in.

Yup, body positivity was not intersectional at all.

Body positivity, the way I look at it just became another thing to try and achieve, to reach, to aspire too, to buy.

Body positivity, puts more pressure on people to change and quite frankly to try and reach feeling ‘beautiful’ by conforming to a set of standards that barely anyone can achieve, while being stuck in a loop of “YAY I LOVE my body!!!” when in reality you may not, and in saying that to yourself you felt even worse.

See where I am going with this… body positivity became another thing to fail at, and yet another ideology that centres whiteness…

Instead I deeply resonate with the ideology of Body Liberation, for ALL.

Body Liberation has been defined as “the freedom from social and political systems of oppression that designate certain bodies as more worthy, healthy, and desirable than others.

Body Liberation sees ALL bodies as worthy and beautiful and deserving respect and love.

Body Liberation is NOT having to conform to anything or achieve anything.

Body Liberation acknowledges that different cultures look at, and appreciate bodies of all the sizes, shapes, and colours, abilities, and gender identities.

Body Liberation is NOT about changing anything about you and your body. PERIOD.

Body Liberation is about seeing the differences in all bodies, and honouring those differences as worthy and beautiful as they are.

Body Liberation is also about acknowledging that sure there may be things about your body that you don’t like, and that is OK!

Photographers are responsible, we perpetuate these unachievable beauty standards, even if that was not our intention. I know, I have done it.

This is why I now choose Body Liberation as a photographer.

I do not want to perpetuate these unachievable beauty standards, ever.

I don’t want you to feel like you have to change a damn thing about yourself.

I don’t want you to feel like you have to conform or be someone else with me, or with others.

I truly want you to feel like you can be yourself – and trust me in a world that tells us otherwise ALL THE TIME, it is hard to even know what that is for you.

Body Liberation is radical, and it’s what I choose for myself and how I operate my business.

When you choose to work with me, I want you to know that it’s my intention to support you in feeling liberated to be who you are, in the body you are in.

Here’s to Body Liberation, FOR ALL!

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Michele Mateus is an award winning Vancouver Boudoir and Women’s Portrait Photographer. Serving Coquitlam, Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Langley, Abbotsford, Squamish, Burnaby, Surrey, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster and the Great Vancouver area.

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