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How to Use White Sheets for Your Vancouver Boudoir Photoshoot

One thing I love about doing what I do is seeing my clients finally cast away their fears and doubts and tap into their inner flame during their intimate portrait experience. Recently I’ve re-discovered a favourite wardrobe item that can do just that: the white sheet!

Sheets on their own evoke a sense of allure and intimacy. One of the earliest uses of sheets in art was during the Renaissance; the women in art were often draped in them. It’s a great reminder that as humans, our bodies are art forms and we can celebrate that. 

See yourself as a beautiful Renaissance or Rubenesque painting. Let me guide you on how to use white sheets for your intimate photography experience!

Get inspired beforehand

My suggestion to anyone who’s not sure about using white sheets for their intimate portrait experience is to spend some time looking over my portfolio. You can also make yourself a mood board using sites such as Pinterest, or any site that offers diverse visuals, and draw your inspiration from there.

Keep in mind that I am not going to replicate those inspirations for your final portraits exactly. The point of this tip is to create art that is made for YOU, and not create a carbon copy of someone else’s intimate portraits that doesn’t reflect your true self.

At your style and wardrobe consultation, we will discuss your vision and your vibe, and plan out your intimate portrait photoshoot so that you walk away with art of you that truly represents who you are. 

Embrace your inner Marilyn Monroe the day of

Did you know that Marilyn was the inspiration for white sheets in intimate portraits? 

Historically the first ever style of intimate portraits was brought to life via “In Bed with Marilyn”. It was photographed by Douglas Kirkland, when he was assigned to photograph her for Look magazine. Kirkland was also the photographer for Coco Chanel as well as many other inspirational figures in intimate portrait photography!

I truly believe that you too can be as sensual as Marilyn was in a white sheet. A sheet flatters and compliments everyone’s body–and yes, I do mean everyone. It doesn’t matter what height or shape you are. A white sheet will embrace your curves and hold them lovingly as you are being photographed. It will love the curves that you love.

Take the white sheet during your intimate portrait on the day of your experience as a gateway to unlocking your inner Marilyn Monroe. Sensuality is in us all!

Have fun with the experience!

If there’s anything I want you to have while using white sheets, it’s to have fun! Because how often is it that as adults we have fun for fun’s sake? Did you know that having more fun in a sensual way also helps fire up your divine feminine energy? More about that here. And if the thought of wearing a white sheet and nothing else has ever made you curious about having portraits taken of you, you can count me in to celebrate you and your choice. 

What I love the most about using white sheets is how they go with everything and they match my minimalist, elegant style that attracts people to my way of doing intimate portraits. 

Photos shared with permission.

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