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After your session, how long until you can hang photos on your wall? I’ll explain.

Once you’ve done your in-studio session, it’s sooo hard to wait to see your photos. You’re on a high. You’re excited. You feel FANTASTIC and you want them now! I totally get it! I want for you to have them ASAP too. But, it’s sadly not that day, or the next either. I’ll explain as I have very good reasons for that. But please know I work super hard to get them to you as fast as I can.

How long until I get my boudoir photos back?

Proofs First!

Your photo session itself is probably about 3 hours or so and the next step is proofing and editing. I go through every single image and select the best ones and tweak them just a wee bit if necessary. I usually spend about 8 hours on this. So, as you can imagine, with already booked client meetings, other sessions, just regular business maintenance etc it does take some time. My goal however, is to get them to you within 2-3 weeks.

Virtual Reveal (for now anyway)

Once ready, we set up a time to do your Photo Reveal. Due to Covid times, I usually do this as a Virtual Reveal. Pre Covid Times, we’d do it in person, and I can’t wait until we can do that again regularly. It’s so fun and we can have bevvies and snacks lol. We actually can do an in person reveal using safety protocols, but if your preference is via zoom, that is certainly an option. 

For the virtual reveal, we’re both at our own computers and we do a live video chat. I show you your photos and it’s really a fun, heart-warming experience for me. Once you’ve selected all your favs, we go through all of my product options and you can decide how you want to experience your photos. Perhaps they’re framed for the wall, in an album or a photo box, or a combination of all three? Most people opt for my Best Fit Collection and some wall or desk art.

After the reveal, how long until I get my boudoir photos back?

We’ll also talk about your privacy wishes during the reveal as I want you to be completely comfortable with where/how your images may, or may not, be shown.

Decision Time!

When you’re ready, let me know how you want to enjoy your photos and I do the rest! You can then kick up your feet and binge watch some Schitt’s Creek on Netflix (I LOVE that show!).  It’s my job to take care of all the little details and I’m more than happy to provide this service for you so that you get the best quality products possible while ensuring your privacy every step of the way.

How long until I get my boudoir photos back?

On that note, I’m proud to work with a Canadian album company who hires women-only in their printing lab. This was an important element for me as I want you to feel comfortable knowing that your images are completely safe and in the hands of professionals. Sadly, I’ve heard horror stories of other printers not respecting the content of photos. Horrible, I know! But, rest assured, your images are absolutely safe with this company. Phew!

How long until I get my boudoir photos back?

A Bit More Waiting

Once your order is placed, it usually takes about 2 weeks turnaround for the printer to complete your job and get your items back to me. Once I receive them, I take a peek (I can’t help myself!) and I contact you immediately to arrange to get them to you!

How long until I get my boudoir photos back?

Total Time

All in, from the day of your shoot until the day you get your amazing images in your hands, all set for your coffee table or walls etc, I’d suggest allowing 4-5 weeks. On my end it’s 4 weeks and then consider however much time you need to make your product and images decisions.

So, please keep in mind that if you’re thinking about getting images done as gifts, for say a special birthday, a wedding gift, or Christmas, it’s always a good idea to book your session as far in advance as possible so that we can for sure meet your deadline!

Are you wanting gifts for an upcoming date? Christmas is just weeks away now! Please contact me and we can make it happen!

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