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How Feminine Embodiment Can Help You: Feminine Embodiment Photographer & Coach

Why am I interested in Feminine Embodiment Work?

I am currently taking a fabulous Feminine Embodiment Coaching Course through the School of Embodied Arts. Why? Well I’m eager to help women to deepen their feminine gifts, inhabit their bodies more fully & coach in embodied ways. I’m learning so much not only about the Embodiment work itself, but also about myself and how I can use these amazing learnings to help others.

As my mentor Jenna Ward explains, “Feminine Embodiment Coaching is a sensation-based style of coaching which lets the body lead. Together with our clients, we dive deep into the wisdom of the body, unraveling frozen tension & expanding pleasure so that we can move towards our goals, fully resourced & alive.”

I need to be clear though that this is not therapy. I’m not becoming a psychologist. This work is helping women to tap into their inner essence. Feel more, allow themselves to dig in, explore and live an embodied life. It might sound a little woo woo to you, fair enough, but trust me, it’s soooo enlightening and centering too.

I’ll explain what it is, how it works and how I can use it in my Business Coaching and also in my Boudoir and Intimate Portrait photoshoots to help you!

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What is Embodiment Coaching?

According to the Nourish Her blog, Embodiment Coaching is “based on the belief that our bodies hold important information about our thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and that by becoming more aware of–and connected to–our bodies, we can gain greater insights into ourselves, which is key when it comes to making lasting change…Through gentle, non-athletic movement, posture, awareness, and breathing, embodiment coaches say you can overcome obstacles and long-held mental blocks faster and that the changes you make are more likely to last over the long term…Embodiment coaching promotes a deep connection between the body, mind, and spirit.”


Unsure of what that means? No worries, I can explain – just ask!

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What is Feminine Embodiment?

As I’ve learned through the teachings of Jenna Ward, every human, regardless of their gender-identity or sexual-identity, contains both feminine and masculine energies within.

Our feminine energies are the feeling, flowing, emotional currents.
Our masculine energies are the directive, penetrating, go currents.

In the western world, most of us are really great at embodying our masculine (though not always in healthy ways) as this is the type of society we are raised in. We can be directive, productive & go-go-go.

But the feminine energies, the feeling, flowing, emotional currents, are an aspect of our nature that most of us (men, women & gender-fluid alike) are not taught to embody or embrace.

As a result, embodiment is for everyone. Every body can benefit.

And feminine embodiment is simply an aspect of embodiment that centres on, and values inhabiting and experiencing, the feminine energies of our nature, more fully.

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How Feminine Embodiment Coaching Can Help YOU

Here are 6 ways this type of coaching can help move blocked energy &/or deepen your connection to yourself:

-ease blocks in business

-become more accepting of our bodies – yes please!

-move through personal blocks

-move through limiting beliefs

-create embodied goals – what does that mean? ASK ME!

-helps you look at success in a way that’s more than just numbers

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What Happens in a Business Embodiment Coaching Session?

Well as no two clients are the same, no two sessions will be the same. But generally speaking, each session would involve the following:

Drop In Process: we purposefully move you from your head and into your body so that you can feel what is going on for you. It’s similar to a meditation but it also brings in the 4 Pillars of Embodiment – Awareness, Breath, Movement and Sound.

Embodied Goal Setting: as with most sessions, we set goals. Your body then accesses her inner wisdom and you uncover your TRUE desire, in terms of how you want to feel and how you wish to move forward, rather than just thinking your way into something you SHOULD feel/do.

Unstick Any Surface Stresses: we would use a variety of feminine embodiment tools to feel the stressors and ease them.

Embodied Business Strategy: after finding the feminine blocks and liberating them we move into the Masculine ‘Go’ energy, strategize and take action.

Key Learnings and Actions: we share what your key insights have been and identify what your next steps are in moving forward with your goal. As we are coaching through an embodied lens, and your body has been through a process of feminine feeling and depth, we really want to emphasize the wisdom of your body.

feminine embodiment boudoir image of woman wearing white bralette sitting on floor crossed legged and long hair draped down her front

How Embodiment Supports Boudoir & Intimate Portrait Clients

As you read above, tapping into our feminine energy and doing feminine embodiment coaching can help us to become more accepting of our bodies. If we’re able to tap into the stressors or blocks or limiting beliefs about what is ‘pretty’ for example, what we’re told is a societal-accepted body, etc, we’re able to recognize that our bodies are actually freaking amazing. They are vessels that do all the things and they are beautiful in their own ways.

We can recognize that just because society and the patriarch deem a skinny body more attractive, that in reality, this isn’t true. All bodies are perfectly imperfect.

My goal is to bring my knowledge of Feminine Embodiment into my studio to help you further in seeing just how beautiful you truly are. This is something I’ve already been doing anyway. Empowering women, lifting them up, helping you to recognize your essence and amazingness. Now, I’ll be able to do it with formal training under my belt. Win, win!

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Why Feminine Embodiment is Needed Now

Do you ever feel you’re on a hamster wheel? Always on the go and never taking a moment to breathe, let alone do something positive for you?! I hear you, I feel you and I’ve been you. Women are asked to do it all. To get it done we often get on that track and just do, do, do, instead of being.

Through doing this Feminine Embodiment training, I’ve personally learned to slow things down, breathe and actually feel and BE in my body. We live in a very over stimulated world and this is a way to ground us and help us move forward with more awareness of our selves. I look forward to bringing this style of Coaching to you either in your business or during your photoshoot. Being more present from self awareness can only be a positive thing in our go-go-go world.

Have questions? Would you like to learn more about my Business Coaching opportunities?

Book a Clarity Call with me (Michele) to ask questions and learn more! I look forward to talking with you.

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