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Connect with your Divine Feminine

Embracing your divine feminine energy is a powerful reminder of its importance. We all have both masculine and feminine energies within us, but patriarchal systems have dulled our connection to the divine feminine, leaving us feeling disempowered and disconnected from our intuition, sensuality, and creativity. 

Cultivating a deeper connection with the divine feminine can bring greater self-love and acceptance, allowing us to experience more pleasure in life. Sensuality is not limited in any way, shape, or form, nor is it exclusively found in any singular body type; sensuality is for all bodies, the curvy and the lean, the large and the small.

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For most of us though, making that intimate connection with our divine feminine is way easier said than done. Because friends, self-love can be hard. And for some women, that can feel next to impossible to do. We’re all going through something every day.

That’s why I often encourage women to follow through with intimate portraits and curvy boudoir. I invite you to connect with your divine feminine through intimate portraits, for one simple reason alone:

You are worth it. 

What is the Divine Feminine Energy though?

Divine feminine energy is basically the energy that is found within all of us, even in nature. It’s often expressed as our heart, which is linked to our sense of intuition, our flexibility, our emotion, and our empathy. It’s the energy that helps us all grow and heal. It’s our creative side and our spiritual side. It can be fierce, and it can be gentle.

Now, I can’t talk more about the divine feminine without talking about its other side: the divine masculine. This other side of the coin is the energy most connected to our brain, our logical thinking, and our means to take action rather than simply be, the way the divine feminine is.

Too often we’re forced to shift the balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Our society itself is saturated in the divine masculine, to the point where it’s become toxic.

When our divine feminine energy is set aside, we may feel a lack of empowerment. It’s like losing touch with our intuition and sensuality.

Connecting to the divine feminine means cultivating both acceptance and self-love. It’s a wonderful way to nurture your creative energy and truly feel the pleasures that life has to offer us all.

Why is this something worth doing?

Connecting to your divine feminine also means you’re connecting to your sensuality. And I am not talking about sexuality—those are two very different things, even if they look the same at first glance. 

Sexuality is all about your sexual thoughts and emotions and even behaviours when it comes to physical intimacy. It’s about expressing your own sexual desire to others and your relationships.

Sensuality is way less about the act of sex itself. Instead, sensuality is about taking pleasure in every sense—I’m talking taste, touch, smell, sight, sound. All of them. And it’s not about experiencing them for the sake of anybody else. Sensuality is all about you and your pleasure. 

The divine feminine is all about simply being in this wild world we live in, soaking in the present moment and reconnecting to the things that make you so special, more specifically what you love and how you feel about life right now

How will intimate portraits help me connect to my divine feminine energy?

By booking with me, I can act as the artist uncovering your divine feminine energy. We’ll collaborate on a personalized plus size boudoir experience that truly captures your unique essence, vibe, and energy. Everyone has their own way of expressing and connecting to their energies, and I’m here to help you tap into yours.

The first step is taking the time to reflect on what brings you joy, how you want to feel in your body, and what sensuality means to you personally. This is your chance to fully embrace and express your divine feminine, without any restrictions. 

In preparation for your intimate portrait, we’ll work together to create a seamless, fulfilling curvy boudoir experience. You’ll have the space to be yourself and let it all come to life during your intimate portrait.

This topic is so close to my heart that it inspired me to create a resource to assist in rediscovering your divine feminine energy. Check out the workbook I wrote, filled with information and guidance, here.

Now that you’ve read up to here, how are you feeling about the idea of connecting with your divine feminine energy?

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