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Could you use a glass of style? Sometimes, I think I could use a bucket.

Okay… that’s not exactly true, but I feel that way when I’m chasing my son around the living room with lunch stuck to my ratty old t-shirt. Or when I’m out on a wedding photography shoot dressed all in black – to look inconspicuous, of course.

But the truth is that I love to have a stylish piece or two in my closet for the perfect occasion. That’s why I was incredibly excited when Chanel Pel, from A Glass of Style, reached out to me.

Chanel is a Lifestyle Blogger – essentially, she makes time in her busy schedule to bring Vancouver (and beyond) the latest fashion, food, wine and adventure trends.

She knows a thing or two about branding and is focused on finding a consistent look for her blog and social platforms. We spent the afternoon together to see if we’d be a fit for a long-term relationship – me as the photographer and Chanel as the model.

Let me just say, I think it was a huge success.

The East Van locale that we chose to shoot in has so much texture. And personality! I just love these images. I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

Please reach out, if you’re ready to take the next step and embrace personal branding through imagery.

With over 8k followers on Instagram, Chanel @chanelpel is an up and comer in the influencer marketing world. So, if you have a lifestyle product or service, contact Chanel. She’s incredibly talented and will set you up with an influencer marketing strategy that’ll get you noticed.

In hopes of having some of her personal branding knowledge rub off on us, I asked her a few questions.

What does personal branding mean to you? Why is it important?
Personal branding is showing up online and in person by presenting the best version of yourself. It’s how you decide to show the world who you are, and you get to choose what you want that to look like.
Why is expressing your personal brand visually a key to your success?

As a blogger, my goal is to provide content that adds value to my readers. The images that I choose to share need to match my brand and aesthetic. Consistent imagery is key to ensuring people recognize my brand when they are scrolling through Instagram or land on my website.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about doing this type of shoot?

Do it! It is so worth it to have images readily available that represent your personal brand.

What was your fav part of working with me? Why is it important for you to work with a photographer that takes time to get your philosophy?

Michele worked with me before the photoshoot date to make sure my needs were met. Our energies were aligned and we were able to let our creative juices flow both in the planning stages and during the shoot. She captured my brand and personality perfectly.

Let’s Make
Magic Together!

I Look Forward To Having
You In My Vancouver Boudoir
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