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Celebrating Bonnie! One of Our Fabulous 40 Over 40! Vancouver Boudoir Photoshoot

Life is incredibly beautiful and wondrous, though it’s not always what we think it will be. Having gratitude is key. With the ups and downs there are plenty of learnings to be had, and then as we age, we’re stronger and wiser for the next bump along the road.

We don’t always love our bodies but being grateful for them is one common thread amongst the women who have participated so far in 40 Over 40: Fabulous Beyond 40, and today’s muse is one of them. 

I’m welcoming 40 Women Over 40 into my studio as part of an exclusive Fabulous Beyond 40 Experience and you’re invited too! We do a Custom Luxe Photo Session be it Boudoir, Intimate Portraits, or Beauty (or a combo of it all because each shoot is fully customizable), and down the road, all of the participants will come together at a gallery-style photo exhibit – details tba. That way all of these women can see and appreciate this special experience they’ve been a part of. It’s empowering and uplifting and you won’t want to miss out!

Today’s Client Spotlight features the lovely Ms. Bonnie and click here to read about the already featured participants. For full experience details, go to the 40 Over 40 page.

Bonnie is Fabulous Beyond 40! 

Age: 53

A woman wearing a revealing black lace body suit leaning against a boudoir with her hand up at her neck. Bonnie is 40 over 40

What Made You Want to Celebrate Being Fabulous By Doing The 40 Over 40 Intimate Photo Session?

I wanted to celebrate my hard work in getting healthy and fit. And to recognize that it so ok to feel beautiful.

What Did You Enjoy Most About This Boudoir Experience? How Did It Make You Feel About Yourself?

Michele is a wonderful, kind and gentle soul. I felt so comfortable during the entire experience and I was able to let go and recognize that I am beautiful and that it’s ok to feel that way.

A woman with shoulder length hair bent over herself and not wearing any clothing showing her tattoo on her shoulder. Bonnie is 40 over 40

What Have You Learned to Appreciate More as You Have Aged?

That life is short and precious. I am trying to live each day to the fullest and to never go to bed angry.

How Has Your Relationship With Yourself and Your Body Changed Over Time?

There are all types of shapes and sizes. I used to try to change my body to fit what the models in magazines look like. I realize now that the media should not dictate how you should look.

If You Could Go Back in Time and Meet Your 18 Year Old Self, What Would You Say to Her?

You are beautiful inside and out.  It is ok to accept this compliment and you should not feel guilty feeling that way.

Bonnie is 40 over 40 and wearing a beautiful frilly gown. She is sitting on the floor with one leg crossed over the other and her hand at her chin

What is Your Motto or Favourite Quote?

Life is precious so do not take it for granted.

What Advice Can You Offer Other Women Of All Ages, Around Ageing and Fully Embracing Who We Are In The Moment?

Accept your beauty and don’t feel guilty for it.

Thank you Bonnie for your lovely words. The sooner we all can appreciate how delicate life is, we’ll all be able to live a fuller and richer one. With gratitude.

I’m so enjoying meeting and getting to know these fabulous 40 Over 40 women and you could be one of them! 
Click here for all of the 40 Over 40 details and let’s connect to get you signed up!

Photos shared with permission.

Michele Mateus is a Boudoir, Intimate Portrait & Nude Fine Art Photographer located in Coquitlam, BC. Serving Coquitlam, Vancouver, Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley, BC. Studio, Outdoor and On-location Boudoir Photography.

Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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Michele Mateus is an award winning Vancouver Boudoir and Women’s Portrait Photographer. Serving Coquitlam, Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Langley, Abbotsford, Squamish, Burnaby, Surrey, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster and the Great Vancouver area.

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