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Celebrate You Through a Vancouver Boudoir Photoshoot!

Ms. R Celebrates Herself With A Boudoir Experience

There are many different ways you can celebrate yourself and Ms. R knew exactly how she’d do just that.

I met the lovely Ms. R at BNI, a business networking group that I am part of. She and I did a ‘one to one’ hour long meeting to get to know each other and explore how to support each other’s businesses. I learned there that she’s an amazingly positive person and is an Interior Designer by trade. After this meeting she contacted me for a photo shoot but I wasn’t sure if she wanted a Personal Branding Session or Boudoir. Turns out she wanted to do both!

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Then she revealed to me that she has wanted to do a Boudoir Session to celebrate herself for a very long time, but just hadn’t found the right photographer yet whom she felt she’d be comfortable with. And then she picked me! She said she felt comfortable with me and knew that I wouldn’t judge her and would support her to feel and look amazing as she expressed herself in the studio. I was, and am, so honoured! 

Let’s get to know Ms. R a bit better and find out why she wanted to do a Boudoir Experience to celebrate herself!

What impact did doing a boudoir/intimate portrait session have on you?

My session was very freeing, to allow myself to just let go, have fun, be the many faces of myself ..LOL..in a safe, positive and fun environment.

“The end result was amazing, sure there are some bumps, bulges and droops I’m not thrilled with, but I’m 60 and fabulous. And Michele caught all of that on film in a way that made me feel beautiful!”

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What does being vulnerable mean to you? What do you want others to know about the impact of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable?

I think feeling vulnerable is natural to all of us, in many different ways, but when you allow yourself to let go, stretch past your comfort zone in a safe and positive space, you discover new things about yourself. Joyous things and hey, life is about a journey of discovery. Shoot for the moon baby and even if you miss you will still land in the stars!

How did you feel during the process of working together?

I was nervous at first, but that quickly vanished thanks to Michele and Jenny. They made me feel glamorous, special and it was amazing…and well, I’m beyond thrilled with the images. They are very artistic, fun, cheeky, sensual and I like to think, a reflection of who I am.

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What were some of the fears you had about doing a boudoir/intimate portrait session? Did those change during the process, the shoot or afterwards?

“That I was…too old, too chubby, would feel silly. In my heart of hearts, I knew none of that was true, I just needed reminding, and Michele and my finished photos confirmed that my fears were in my mind and need not be part of my reality.”

Do you have any trauma’s in your life that you have worked through/overcome that you would like to share that would benefit other women by hearing your story?

I was the victim of 2 sexual assaults by the time I was 13 years old and along with that comes shame, fear and a lot of self blame.

“By learning to trust and love yourself, you can ultimately shed that shame…you learn that although life is not always fair…we do control our own destiny and are not responsible for the ugly acts and beliefs of others. When we learn to walk with our heads held high, a skip in our step and an open heart, we realize we have a lot to offer the world and the world has a lot to offer us.”

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What does living your best life mean/look like to you?

Sounds cliche but…Live fully, laugh often and Love deeply.

What challenges have you faced in relation to your body? How have you overcome them?

It always has been and always will be a work in progress…never stop trying to be the best you possible.

woman sitting on edge of bed leaning over to touch her tattooed leg wearing high heels, lingerie and a white shirt open over top

What gets better with age?


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Slow down, enjoy the scenery, it goes by so quickly!

celebrate self with boudoir, a woman in a red bra laying down with a blanket in her hands in front of her chest and one finger up to her lips

What’s your best tip for feeling amazing in your body!?

Pamper yourself. Take a bubble bath, wear something that makes you feel amazing, and be kind to yourself. It really is true, no one is perfect! Allow yourself to be you!

Share your favourite quote, poem, affirmation?

As a creative, I dream a lot and my Mother used to complain about it to my father…”She’s such a dreamer, Jim, she is going to be disappointed in life” to which my father would reply, “Let her dream, because for every one that crumbles, she has the foundation on which to build another. Without dreamers there would be no achievers.”

woman wearing black lingerie laying on her back with hands up above her head looking at the camera

What does feeling sexy mean to you??

Soooo many things…being cheeky, laughing…and the way Kevin Looks at me when he thinks I’m not watching.

What’s the best compliment you have received?

That I am the rock my family, friends and clients depend on.

celebrate yourself with boudoir images for example woman in black lingerie laying on a fur rug, with feet up on a cushion, one hand on leg, other hand on the top of her head

What are three things you are grateful for in your life?

Family, friends and my career…

What advice would you give someone on the fence about doing a boudoir/intimate portrait session with Mateus Studios?

Don’t be. You will laugh, feel beautiful and maybe even learn some unexpected things about yourself.

woman wearing black bustier and open leather jacket tilting head back and with hands at her neck

Share anything that you might think other women would love reading related to your boudoir session.

“It allowed me to celebrate me! My many sides, my many moods and it was just an amazing and fun day. Every woman should try it!”

Anything else you want to share?

“No matter what your size, age, or comfort level, Michele will help you to remember, you are unique, you are special, you are beautiful, you are an original, you are you! Celebrate it!!!!”

woman laying on white sheet up on her elbows and one arm across her chest

Oh Ms. R, it was such an incredible pleasure to work with you. I loved your confidence and desire to boldly embrace yourself and celebrate yourself! Thank you so very much for choosing me to create art with. It’s truly an honour to know that you felt comfortable with me and that you trusted me to document your beauty. Your photos are so magical and truly represent your incredible personality.

If you’re looking for the right Boudoir Photographer to work with, please contact me and we can chat. I’d love the opportunity to see if we’d make a great fit!

Images shared with permission.

Michele Mateus is a Vancouver Boudoir & Portrait Photographer located in Coquitlam, BC. Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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