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Candy is Fabulous Beyond 40! Vancouver Boudoir and Portrait Studio

It takes nerve, vulnerability and guts to decide to participate in the Fabulous Beyond 40 Experience especially if you’ve never done Intimate Photos before. But taking that step and saying yes to yourself is so important. I’m so proud of all of the women feeling a bit uncomfortable about it all, including Candy, yet saying yes themselves and going for it!  

The Fabulous Beyond 40 photo shoot will make you feel amazing and remind you of your incredibleness! Women of ALL ages deserve to be celebrated and I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way! There’s only 40 spots available in the 40 Over 40 promotion and one spot could be reserved just for YOU!

Every woman who says yes does so for different reasons. Let’s meet Ms. Candy and find out about her reason why. 

Plus, read the other Client Spotlights of women who’ve already done their Boudoir Photo Shoot, and learn all about the full experience here. If you’re keen, reach out to me and I’m happy to answer any questions! 

Now, let’s meet Candy.

Candy is Fabulous Beyond 40! 

Age: 48

Candy is fabulous beyond 40. A woman wearing a hat and laughing is also wearing an open brown leather jacket with nothing underneath

What Made You Want to Celebrate Being Fabulous Beyond 40 With Some Fine Art Portraits of YOU?

I’ve learned so much in the past 8 years about myself during a very dark and difficult time. I felt a pull to celebrate all that I’ve accomplished and allow myself what felt to me like the last step in this stage of my journey.

What Did You Enjoy Most About This Intimate Portraits Experience? How Did It Make You Feel About Yourself?

I felt a sense of pride having stepped outside my comfort zone. I think embracing my vulnerability in front of the lens made me feel like I was giving myself the biggest hug. And damn it, it sure felt good.

What Have You Learned to Appreciate More as You Have Aged?

MYSELF! I’ve learned to just BE with myself and honour each bump in the road as a blessing and a chance to grow. I laugh often and I’m more open and transparent with everyone. ‘Fuck it’ is a term I use often when I’m on the fence about something that will make me uncomfortable. Go big or go home, lol!

A woman laying on her back on a fur rug with her hands at her head and chin

How Has Your Relationship With Yourself and Your Body Changed Over Time?

It’s been a love hate relationship for sure. But not in the physical sense really. My body has come with some baggage and a lot of ego that I have since learned to shed through personal healing and self love in my 40s. I’m more at peace with my body and it’s purpose in the second half of my life.

If You Could Go Back in Time and Meet Your 18 Year Old Self, What Would You Say to Her?

You my darling deserve love. You don’t need to be so damn strong and you don’t need to do it all alone. Listen to your gut, she knows what’s going on, you just need to trust her!

What is Your Motto or Favourite Quote?

And so she created the life she imagined.

Candy is fabulous beyond 40. A woman wearing an off the should sweater, with tattoos on her shoulder, her eyes are closed and her hand is at her chin

What Advice Can You Offer Other Women Of All Ages, Around Ageing and Fully Embracing Who We Are In The Moment?

Your body is just the vessel. Your beauty shines from within and that light can be seen when you allow it to shine. 

That whole self love thing is real I tell you. When you can allow yourself that gift, everything else will fall into place. Be kind to you.

I love that Candy is proud of herself for participating in Fabulous Beyond 40 and that while she was a bit uncomfortable about it, she said yes, felt vulnerable and then realized that the experience felt like a big hug. That’s fantastic! Sometimes the things that you fear most are exactly what you need!

We have a few spots available, so if you’re thinking about it but you’re on the fence, feel that vulnerability, feel that fear and do it anyway! You’ll be glad you did!

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Photos shared with permission.

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Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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