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Why To NOT Go Pinterest Crazy Before Your Vancouver Boudoir Shoot

Gathering Ideas Is Good But Don’t Go Pinterest Crazy

Before your Boudoir Shoot with me I ask my clients to put together a Pinterest board of boudoir images that they like. It’s not poses specifically, nor outfits or hair and makeup. It’s more to get a feel for the style of images you like and would like to go for in your shoot. A piece of advice though, you only need a dozen or so images. That’s enough to give me an understanding of your taste and style.

Gather ideas on a Pinterest Board before your boudoir shoot but don't go crazy!

However, we have ALL gone down that road. When you’re scrolling through Pinterest and then it just sucks you in. Before you know it you’ve spent two hours on something. Perhaps creating your dream kitchen in the second home you wish to buy from winning the lottery (guilty!).

Gather ideas on a Pinterest Board before your boudoir shoot but don't go crazy!

Ideas Are Good

Curating some inspiration from Pinterest isn’t a bad thing – just remember that what you see, can’t always be replicated. We like to remind people that sure, we can try and recreate that photo but it probably won’t look the same, especially if it’s from another photographer. A lot of things on Pinterest are of professional models and have likely been photoshopped to all hell – and, some of the women on there are human pretzels! I don’t know about you, but I cannot bend and twist like I see a lot of women on there.

Things To Look For

When snagging inspiration for your boudoir shoot from Pinterest, think about things like hair and makeup looks, outfits you like – instead of getting fixated on poses and props. It’s more about the style, or esthetic.

Gather ideas on a Pinterest Board before your boudoir shoot but don't go crazy!

Shoot Inspo

By doing a Pinterest board, it gives you a more clear idea of what you really like, and it gives me an idea of your taste in boudoir images too. It’s awesome to know this in advance of your session as inspiration for shoot day. It allows me to adjust the lighting etc to reflect your preferred style. Just always keep in mind though, all bodies are different, so you don’t want to try to replicate a specific photo including pose, outfit etc. You can’t expect the exact same result as a different client, but we will absolutely make your shoot special for you, and we know you’ll love your images!

Images shared with permission.

Michele Mateus is a Vancouver Boudoir & Portrait Photographer located in Coquitlam, BC. Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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