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Are You Wondering ‘Can I Really Do Boudoir?’: Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Can I Do A Boudoir Session? I mean, really.

You’re here reading this blog on my website and you’re considering doing a boudoir experience but you’re hesitant. Maybe you’re thinking ‘Can I Really Do This?’

Perhaps you’re also thinking one of the following….

  • I need to lose 10 pounds first
  • I can’t afford this
  • Do I deserve to do this for myself?
  • I’m so not photogenic
  • I won’t look as good as these women on your website
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Please don’t let any of the above thoughts stop you from anything in life, especially a boudoir photo shoot! And let’s remember too, nobody is perfect. We are all perfectly imperfect in our own ways! In fact, let’s say that out loud. Together now, “I am perfectly imperfect!”

It’s Time to Fill You Up!

Now, let’s fill your mind with things that will lift you up and benefit you. You need positive thoughts and let’s boost your confidence so you don’t miss out on amazing things in life. Let’s take steps forward and do the things you want to do in life. Like the boudoir session. Don’t let you get in your own way. You truly can do this.

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And I completely understand that you’re hesitant. Having a boudoir experience isn’t something you do every day and let’s face it, it’s an investment in YOURSELF and we all know that it’s not always easy to do that. Do you deserve to do it? Heck yes! Do you believe in yourself and feel like you deserve to do it? Maybe not yet, but you should. For us busy women and perhaps you’re a mom, our priority isn’t usually ourselves, but at some point we need to make us a priority. Put you first. Do the things that will make you happy because you need to fill your own cup to best fill others.

We’re Real!

Keep in mind too that ALL of my client photos on my website and social media, they are ALL REAL WOMEN. None of them are models. Nobody has been paid to do these photos. Every woman you see is authentically herself and likely has something in common with you. She wanted to have the experience of a boudoir photo shoot and maybe she wasn’t totally sure about it. She wanted to but didn’t really know if she could. Well I’m here to tell you, and each of those women would agree, that YES YOU CAN!

woman with hands to her jawline wearing lingerie and body harness in boudoir photo

For You Or For Others

First and foremost you should do an intimate photo shoot for you. It’s something that YOU want to do to celebrate you. Though, there might be some others whom it could benefit too!

Are you a mom? How cool would it be for your daughter to see her mom doing something super special for herself. Choosing to celebrate her body and who she is, regardless of her age. Kids need good role models and seeing your mom love all of herself (mind, body and soul) is incredible!

blonde woman laying on stomach with one hand holding hair out of face in boudoir image

And how about your son? Show him that you love and respect yourself and so should he and all men too. Women are strong, beautiful creatures who get to control their own bodies and what they do with them. This is something important for him to know and respect as he grows and starts looking for his mate in life.

Surprising your partner with a gorgeous image of you will light a fire in any relationship and well, that’s a win win for sure.

Woman laying on her back covered by white sheet in boudoir photo

And what if you’re single? Seeing these images of you reminds you that you are amazing, single or not. Regardless of Marital Status, you are deserving of love and companionship. And if your future love interest happens upon these pics of you in your beautiful Italian-made leather bound coffee table book, well that’s going to spice things up pretty fast too!

woman with curly hair holding fingers and long finger nails up to her lips in boudoir image

Always Remember This….

One thing I want you to remember is this: every woman on this website was exactly where you are now. She was interested in diving into a boudoir experience, but wasn’t sure if she could. She took the chance on herself and well, you can see the results and read the testimonials. Every woman who has entered my studio for a boudoir session now has incredibly beautiful photos that are perfectly imperfect in their own unique ways. 

So, can I ask you something? Now that you KNOW you can do this, are you ready to say yes to yourself?

Photos shared with permission.

Michele Mateus is a Vancouver Boudoir & Portrait Photographer located in Coquitlam, BC. Hair & Makeup By Jenny Valla.

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