5 Ways Personal Brand Photography Benefits You

Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Brand Photography Session

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you likely already know how I feel about Personal Brand Photography….it’s SUPER important! LOL! Especially if you’re a small business owner. There’s so much competition out there and customers really want to feel like the businesses they choose to support are truly worthy of their support. Someone they feel they know, and trust. 

5 Reasons Why Personal Brand Photography Benefits You

I thought I’d make it real simple for everyone as to why you need personal branding photography, so here’s my list of the 5 top reasons why I believe you NEED a personal branding photo session. Here we go!

Reason #1: Creating Connection with Your Dream Clients

How can you stand out online amongst the millions of pages of info out there? It’s so daunting, am I right?! Well, not to worry. The answer is actually easy. Personal brand photography and…..

Just be you! Yup, be you!

There’s no other you out there. You are a unique individual and it’s important to show that in your photos. And pssst, I’ll share a secret. You, being you – that’s what separates you from the rest!

5 Reasons Why Personal Brand Photography Benefits You

Plus, when you showcase exactly who you are, your potential customers will get to know about you before you’ve even met. And, if and when they see you have similar interests, maybe it’s a love of dogs, or hiking, or macrame, or whatever it might be, those customers will feel like they know you, and want to work with you. And we all want to work with those who are like minded. Right?!

Reason #2: Build Trust & Relatability/Brand Recognition

If you’re continuously sharing the essence of WHO you are, you’re automatically building brand recognition. If your photos aren’t the traditional headshots (which really don’t share much of anything about you), then you can tell the story of who you are through branding photos. Showing that you are a foodie, or you love travel, or have 7 kids, etc you’re creating telling information that your potential customers can relate to. And, when they feel they can relate to you, they’ll have a trust in you innately. Then when they meet you, they won’t feel surprised by anything because the real you is shown in your photos. That consistency continues to build trust.

5 Reasons Why Personal Brand Photography Benefits You

Reason #3: Consistency

You may have noticed that I just mentioned consistency. And yes, this is soooo important. If you’re all over the place with how you present yourself and your business to the world, I can guarantee you’re not going to attract customers. People want consistency. They want to know what they’re getting themselves into, who they’re aligning themselves with, who they’re supporting and spending their money with. They want to know you and trust you. So make sure you show photos that are genuinely showing the true you!

5 Reasons Why Personal Brand Photography Benefits You

Reason #4: Scroll Stopping Content

There is sooo much to see online these days. Do you ever find you waste away too much time just scrolling? That quick 5 minutes turns into 45 minutes later? I’ve done it too. You see hundreds, if not thousands of images each day and most of it isn’t too compelling. Right? Right. I don’t want that for you which is why you need to take the leap and invest in yourself and hire the professional photographer who can get you the incredible images that you deserve.

Photographers are continuously learning and updating their styles to follow trends and meet the needs of their clientele. Just think about what an 80s studio session image looked like….and now imagine today’s cool Instagram images. Completely different styles, right? Well you don’t want to hire the photog who has not left the 80s (tho that trend may be coming back lol).

You have a certain taste and look you’re going for to represent your business and yourself, so do your homework to find a photographer that not only gets your style, but can get it done for you right. And being that you’re already on my site, just browse around to my other blogs, different galleries and client testimonials. You’ll totally get to know my style.

5 Reasons Why Personal Brand Photography Benefits You

Reason #5: Putting YOU on the Top of Your To Do List!

All too often as women (and for men too!) and business owners, we put everyone and everything else first! As a woman myself, I can only speak from my own female perspective, but for me it’s usually this order: my child, my passion (my work), my husband, home and then me (sorry Don!). I shouldn’t be last and so I try to put more effort into my own self care and I know other busy working moms need to as well.

I’m happy to say that more often than not, taking that step to up your brand presence often ends up being about so much more than just pretty pictures. It’s about allowing yourself the space to truly show up how you want to, being treated like a queen for a day (hello hair and makeup!), and, having you and the work you do, celebrated! Every entrepreneur needs that!

5 Reasons Why Personal Brand Photography Benefits You

Let’s recap!

At the end of the day you want your potential clients to know what it will look and feel like to work with you. You want your personality to shine in your photos and that’s where personal brand photography comes in.

  • Creating Connection with Your Dream Clients
  • Build Trust & Relatability/Brand Recognition 
  • Consistency 
  • Scroll Stopping Content
  • Putting YOU on the Top of Your To Do List!

Now that you know what brand photography is and can do for your business, are you ready to take things to the next level? I offer complimentary consultations so contact me today and let’s chat about connecting you to your dream clients by standing out online! I’m excited to cheer you on!

5 Reasons Why Personal Brand Photography Benefits You

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